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There are a few Nigerian scammers on Tinder this week pretending to be pretty (or handsome) nurses and doctors working in Covid19 'refugee resettlement camps' in the US. We are allowing the fake profiles to stay because anyone dumb enough or so unglued from reality they believe that deserves whatever scam is run on them. Darwin, the true hero of the masses. rolling on the floor laughing banana
Unreal Stringman unreal, what next? frustrated
are they preparing the way for the antiChrist?
Ok, Ken19, Darwin....the true hero of the masses? Really? I happen to believe that Charles Darwin, who many know as the author of Origin of species,among other abominable works,(also,paradoxically, the son of a minister) did more to sew seeds of confusion among the masses than,arguably,any other individual in modern history. Only God knows the souls this man helped lead into the jaws of hell! People have been arguing and speculating and trying to fit the so-called"missing link" into a plausible theory for what now,around or over two hundred years? Anthropologists,scientists and others have spent countless hours trying to fit these mythical theories into a package they will fit into without success! Frankly speaking,evolution has been so thouroghly DISPROVEN it is a SIN it is still taught in our public school system to unsuspecting children. Another valid reason to home-school your children if at all possible!professor confused sigh

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