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Insightful brief video, Trump treats Covid as a PR event not a PUBLIC HEALTH EMERGENCY!wow very mad

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the fact is is not a public health Emergency and worse yet ,its not even a Pandemic.
Yeah Raph. Over 200,000 people dead in the US from the virus in the last 6 months alone is not a health crisis. And over 39 Million cases worldwide is not a pandemic. crazy Lets talk about a real pandenic ! Dumb people making stupid statements on the internet. laugh
And you two hypocrites blame Trump... try CHINA. rolling on the floor laughing
I'll blame both. Both were dishonest.
‘YOU LET PANDEMIC IN’ Chris Rock blames Pelosi and Dems for coronavirus spread because they were too busy trying to impeach Trump.

I myself said shut it down early. I'm Independent no blame here.

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They both without question lied about it. Trump is still running around without a mask and trying to infect people with his packed together crowds and propaganda., guess he forgot about injecting Clorox. China has always been our enemy with it's CCP. Russia may as well be Communist- Since Stalin they have always had a dictator. They have always wanted all of Eastern Europe under their boot since WW2.

Chris Christie was key in coaching Trump for his last debate.! Christy now says he was a fool for not wearing a mask around Trump and Company! Covid was very,very real for Christy. He acknowledged he is lucky to be alive.
I don't no why Rudy Giuliani just called the democrat party the dumb crack party. They should reform like New York is cleaning up crime.

Probably cause he just made himself and Trump look like fools Swamie. Smells like a traitor too.

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