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Bankrupt and indebted, Trump's taxes show he threatens US security

According to the Times, Trump has about $421 million in debts which he has personally guaranteed and which are coming due over the next several years. This is consistent with earlier reporting about how much debt he carries, a chunk of which could be gleaned from the personal financial disclosures he is required to file with the federal government. But Trump’s overall indebtedness is greater than the Times tally, I believe.

Russ Choma reported in Mother Jones last summer that Trump’s debts were nearly $500 million and would come due in relatively short order, pressuring the president’s finances. But Trump’s debts are even bigger than that, and he’s worked hard to keep them hidden for decades. Dan Alexander, a senior editor at Forbes, has been covering Trump’s business interests since 2016 said Trump's real debt is most likely nearer to 1.1 million.
Trump would be unable to pay off these huge debts. See his recent tax returns for proof.
Trump will need more than Russian money to help him get out of this self made situation.
An easy target for foreign manipulation, and as the world knows Trump is a coward (bone Spurs), he is a real threat to American and world security.

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Now the degenerate right have started spreading rumours about Hunter raping young girls, with absolutely NO EVIDENCE whatsoever.
You really need to be staggeringly mentally disturbed to spread such awful malicious rumours worldwide.
So let us see your proof or maybe stop posting rubbish to stir the shit.
And when I say proof I, of course, mean from reputable and credible sources.
You mean Alex Jones' 'Info Wars' & Rudy Guiliani are not reliable sources ? rolling on the floor laughing
The quickest way to determine if a source is reputable is to see if it is on TRump's Fake News list. Anyone who speaks TRUTH to Power is immediately moved to this Fake News group.
A lot of Trump's debts going into 2016 were picked by Las Vegas hotel owners wanting a high speed train line to Las Angeles. I suspect the big Covid tax breaks paid out to hotel owners was about pay back for their help.
Biden has gained millions more than Trump on the campaign trail..Now Trump is charging people $200,000 to take photos with him ect..That covid serial killer was also in bloody church getting donations for himself.

He makes my skin crawl.
I think Trump makes most peoples skin crawl, even men lol
My neighbors had a BBQ this weekend and they had more people show up than a Biden rally.

The Biden Crime Family laugh

I have been screwed blued and tattooed.

China Cult ^^^^devil
Trump gave an interview where he admitted that he has loans to pay.

He is not worry as his net worth is much more than his loans.

That's what he said with his heavy tongue (lier).
From Trumps Monday rally:-

“When I call the head of Exxon I say, ‘You know, I’d love (for you) to send me $25 million for the campaign.’ ‘Absolutely sir,’” Trump added.

“I will hit a home run every single call,” Trump said. “I would raise a billion dollars in one day if I wanted to. I don’t want to do that.”

Trump, who has been trailing Biden in opinion polls, has also been trailing his Democratic rival in fundraising. Trump’s re-election campaign and the Republican National Committee started the last full month before the Nov. 3 election with $251.4 million in cash, after raising $247.8 million in September. The intake was about $135 million less than what Biden raised in September."

Exxon Mobil Corp said there had been no phone call between its chief executive, Darren Woods, and President Donald Trump after the president invoked the company’s name at a rally in Arizona on Monday when he said he could raise more money than his Democratic rival Joe Biden.
Mr Woods went on to say, he thought it unlikely that Exxon would donate to Trump's campaign."

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