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Trump on fire in Erie last night

President Trump Plays Video of Biden-Harris Promising to Ban Fracking at Erie Rally! — Then Jumps to Hunter’s “Laptop From Hell”

During his Erie, Pennsylvania rally President Trump took time out to play video of Joe Biden and Kamala Harris promising to ban fracking — a HUGE industry in Pennsylvania.

And President Trump took time out to play it at a rally in front of THOUSANDS of supporters and viewers!

And then President Trump immediately jumped to Hunter Biden’s “laptop from hell!”

What a Rally!

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You mean he never said what he would do to improve America should he win? Then why vote for someone who can only denigrate and spread false rumours and does nothing to Make America Great Again? In 4 years of boasting, the average wage is lower, the highest earners pay less tax and America has become the butt of hilarious jokes worldwide.
Make America Great Again. DUMP TRUMPprofessor
Got no time, just passing by, and can't help saying this... Rizlared, you're the most freaking crazy d*ck Trump hater! You can have your stupid opinions but truth and facts on evil crimes are surfacing the media can't hide. Intelligent Americans with dignity will go for Trump! Have another sick four years of whining! rolling on the floor laughing

Ol' Joe addressed an estimated 30 honking vehicles at a Drive-In Rally ...

Be Like ...
(Note The Don Death Head on the front of the Trump Train devil ) ... rolling on the floor laughing ... rolling on the floor laughing


In an Incomprehensible Political move, Ol' Joe Endorsed The Don wow -
The Bizarre strategy may lock up a Four More Years Landslide for the Prez! ... That is NOT from The Babylon Bee scold It's For Real! rolling on the floor laughing

Joy cheers

Mic -- JOY ?? - - and do also like running head fist into a concrete wall ?
Any idea how many got infected? dunno
The cheers was my response to JOY pointing Crest's Comment, you dope.

What she said also = Guy ... cheers

Riztrd, UK has no voice in America wink
rolling on the floor laughing comfort
To quote a former Secretary Of State - "What Difference at this point does it Make?"

Search: Covid USA | Scroll down to the graph timeline.

After getting an initial toe hold in March, the number of Covid Daily New Cases steadily declined (Lockdown & Distancing measures) ... UNTIL Mid-June & then it took off like the proverbial Bat Outta Hell.

Why Mid-June?
A picture's worth 10,000 words ...

Posted June 1 - The 1st 5 Seconds explains it All.

THAT was covid's Pandora's Box moment & it's Not goin' back in the box.
Now we're All gonna get it ... Not IF - WHEN.

On the Up Side - The early Lockdown measures bought Time for medical facilities/personnel to gear up -
And for researchers to develop more effective treatment protocols.

The researchers used the time Well -
Covid Case numbers are Soaring - The Mortality Rate is Plummeting.

You know, Mic, if you used more words and less icon talk your messages would a lot clearer. But then muddied up meanings is the way of Right Wing conservatives, so I guess you can't help yourself, not if you want to be member of this semi-illiterate crowd.
Embedded image from another site
rolling on the floor laughing
Biden lied big time, big mistake on his part...............
The Boilermakers Local 154 union, which represents thousands of American workers in Pennsylvania, West Virginia, and Ohio, is calling out Democrat presidential candidate Joe Biden for lying about having been endorsed by the union.

At a televised town hall event this week, Biden made the false claim that the Boilermakers union “overwhelmingly” endorsed him, saying he “sat down with them” to discuss his energy plan in which he has said he will ban fracking.

As Breitbart News noted, the Boilermakers Local 154 union endorsed Trump, as they did in 2016, last month. Union leader John Hughes called out Biden for the lie in a press call on Saturday.

“The other day I’m watching the debate and I see Joe Biden tell everybody that the Boilermakers endorsed him and that is not true,” Hughes said. “And I would like somebody to tell me who — he said he talked to somebody — I’d like to know who he talked to in the Boilermakers because anybody I talk to did not endorse him.”

“And I believe if you go onto our International website we have not endorsed a candidate this round, nor did the International Boilermakers endorse a candidate last time,” Hughes continued. “We did not endorse Obama and Joe Biden last time because of their energy issues.”

Likewise, former Pennsylvania Congressman Lou Barletta said he was stunned when Biden lied about the union endorsement:

I couldn’t believe it when Joe Biden blatantly lied at a town hall right here in Pennsylvania and said he was overwhelmingly endorsed by the Boilermakers.

As a matter of fact, Boilermakers Local 154 endorsed President Donald Trump last month. And I knew this first-hand because I worked with John Hughes, the business manager, and Local 154 on that endorsement.

In the union endorsement of Trump, Hughes called the president “true friend of the Boilermakers.” Hughes said union members and their families “rely on coal-fired power generation,” which is at great odds with Biden and Sen. Kamala Harris’ (D-CA) energy plans that take cues from the Green New Deal to phase out all fossil fuels.

“Biden believes the Green New Deal is a crucial framework for meeting the climate challenges we face,” Biden’s campaign website reads.

The Green New Deal would have a devastating impact on working and middle-class American communities who rely on energy industry jobs.

Numbers provided to Breitbart News by Senate Energy Committee insiders shows that at least about one million energy jobs would be eliminated from the American economy as a result of the Green New Deal. This includes 712,300 jobs in mining, quarrying, and natural gas extraction and another 116,500 jobs in petroleum and coal products manufacturing.

Likewise, Biden’s plans to reenter the United States into the Paris Climate Accord would eliminate hundreds of thousands of jobs in states like Pennsylvania, Ohio, and Michigan. In Pennsylvania, alone, reentering the U.S. into the Paris Climate Accord could eliminate 140,000 jobs from the state.....................Busted..................
13 days til the Nation tells Trump to take a hike.
... to the steps of the Capitol to be re-Inaugurated ... dancing

Good try, Mic - But the hike will likely be to prison for corporate Tax Fraud. Get over yourself. laugh laugh
The Democrat Diva is preparing a New number for her Return Encore Performance...

Insipid comeback, Guy ... tongue

Wooo-oooo ... Woooooooo

The smoldering li'l truck's engine won't catch ...
The Don Death Head on the front of the train ...

Raping the Replay button ... typing:
rolling on the floor laughing

Did I just make an unintentional Haiku? ... confused

To quote a former Secretary Of State - "What Difference at this point does it Make?"

Speaking of that...

Kinda catchy dancing laugh
No, Mic, I am surprised you even know how to spell Haiku. Egyptian Hieroglyphics is more your style. :
laugh: laugh laugh The laugh is your CS Troll buddies, thinking you are funny.
Are you guys up on real news, or just that internet crap you feast on?
La Crosse, Wisconsin is about to disappear from the map, Thanks to Trump's disconnect from reality when it comes to Covid.
Trump drives that Fast and Furious car and regularly punches the NOS button
Hieroglyphics ...
Haiku poet ...
Excellent speller ...

POLYMATH!! ... peace

Mic - your biggest attribute is your inflated ego - But come November 3rd the balloon will burst leaving your audience in tears.

Embedded image from another site
sigh I'm humbled in the presence of Greatness & know when I'm outta my league bowing
Folks think You're Hilarious - Without even Trying! ... comfort

This is like gettin' into an áss-kickin' contest with a one-legged guy ...

Lamest campaign ever! The Covid Cowboy can't talk about the 225,000 people who died. He can't talk about the secret Chinese bank account, or the $178,000 he paid in Chinese taxes (while paying $750 in US taxes). He can't talk about how his daughter made $14 million dollars last year - while working for the taxpayers and using Air Force One. He can't talk about calling military personnel 'suckers' and 'losers'. He can't talk about his best friend Vladmir putting a bounty on the heads of American soldiers. he can't talk about his lack of a health care plan while he argues to get rid of the Affordable Care Act. But he has time to make up lies about the son of his opponent? Insecure fifth-grade fantasies. The Trump fiasco is about to end! Can you say LANDSLIDE?
Hunter doesn't need any help to look bad.
for 2525.

Embedded image from another site
The clock is ticking, Conrad - the GOP is on the decline
og watch your blood pressure, anger and severe hatred will make it go up dangerously doh
Things will be immensely better for everyone, including yourself, Jenny, when the US sheds this Putin lapdog on Nov 3.
In the Extreme off chance that the Unthinkable occurs ... Again,
Y'all Lefties might wanna reserve y'all's Spaces Now - To avoid the rush ...
Better to Have it & not need it than to Need it and not have it.

Mic - you are begining to babble incoherently. hang in there, guy. In thirteen days Trump will lose and you can take a vacation from the Troll Patrol.
Mic - It is nice of you to point out help for your fellow semi-illiterate CS Trolls. That is indeed a nice gesture on your part. You will have lots of time on your hands to personally help them after Trump gets booted.

Doesn't understand the concept of ... " ^^^^ "
roll eyes

Russian trolls make good money. invest big in the here after.rolling on the floor laughing Putins mother was a saint.

Snowden really don't look that bad now.rolling on the floor laughing

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