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Women are losing their minds?

Is that true?

I was listening to Art Bell one night and it was on the program called are you losing your mind.

In the middle of talking to a woman, Art decided to take in some random calls. A man is on the other side. He says, woman are losing their minds. He says, women want sex right away and no long term relationships.

Art starts laughing and asks the woman he is talking to if that is true. She replies, I wish I can give away my body.


I am not sure Art laughed after hearing that. uh oh


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ponies are in many colors. pick your color. no, this isn't about race. for those who can't comprehend, think of it as a car. what options do you want and does that car meet your expectations?
basically, don't compromise Palm?grin
J, it is naive to think there is no compromise. pretend you have an elastic waist and she does too
There are several female species in nature that enjoy multiple partners. That might be where the male species may differ. Of course, there are some males too that take on multiple partners. If those who prefer multiples, meet those who prefer multiples...what a grand union.

Can there be any connection with one another other than just physical then?
Wow Art Bell, is he still alive? I remember catching a few of his shows in the 80's when I worked nights. Does he still go on and on about all that alien stuff? Maybe all these women have been abducted and probed Johnny, causing all this. dunno
J, i'm confused, do you want physical or mental? off to sleep...
Johnny_Sparton could be women have been probed. The Bible writes of that sort of thing. But, Art Bell recently passed away...I think it was about a year ago.

Wouldn't both be awesome Palm?
....and gn
I don't understand all your blog, the comment by the woman being without the context of her intonation, or other dynamic between the host, guest and caller.

As for the accusation that women are losing their minds because they want sex right away and no long term relationships, that says more.

Firstly, the caller references 'women' rather than 'some women' and as such it is gender discrimination, attributing a trait to all women based upon their perceived group belonging and nothing more.

Secondly, stating that people who aren't behaving on demand in relationships are somehow mentally abnormal is a common behaviour pattern in abusive relationships. Rather than talking about the needs and wants of both parties with a view to understanding, solution and compromise, one person undermines the other for not meeting their needs and wants.

If an abused partner questions their sanity and reality, they are more likely to take their cues from their abusive partner who portrays themselves as being 'normal'. It's about power, control and obtaining the means to manipulate another person.

Women who want sex straight away, or sex only, bypass an abusive person's early techniques of manipulation, so perhaps going straight to the 'women have lost their minds' is the only recourse. The accusation either distances the caller from any personal responsibilty for why women don't want a relationship with him, or it's an attempt to manipulate the concept of 'women' to return us to patriarchal compliance.

That is some analyzation. Maybe then...because Art Bell had titled that episode about people losing their minds, the caller then technically, according to your analyzation, most likely was not in his right mind...therefore losing his mind. Thus, a perfect caller for the show. laugh

Thank you for posting.

Johnny, you posted:

"He says, women want sex right away and no long term relationships."

And I'm wondering, "Err, what planet is this on?" confused

Art Bell was awesome. I listened to him for many years. It's a tribute to his memory that they are still rerunning his old shows from decades ago on many radio stations across the country.

As to women who are about sex rather than relationships. This is a product of the "Womens' Liberation" movement of the 60s and 70s and the more recent perversion of gender and false narrative promoting human race self hatred created by the left and enemies of the United States and its allies to weaken the family unit in Western society.

The objective of this assault from the left is to confuse men and women about their gender roles, decrease birth rates in the target countries and eventually weaken them enough to dominate them. Thus you have men acting like women and women acting like men. Our enemies have us right where they want us.

When the show you were listening to was recorded, this phenomenon was not as developed as it is today. Art's program was useful to expose trends like that. Out of the hundreds of theories and conspiracies talked about on his show, a handful were actually real. This is one of them.
Robert, I am not sure you get out too much...granted these days, it is very very very difficult to. But, I am seeing now where women are approaching men. It is a bit different, in my opinion, than it was 4 years ago. Perhaps it was the psychological effect of a pandemic that was the missing ingredient? dunno absolutely hit the nail on the head in my opinion with the overall macro aspect of the my opinion. As of lately, I think I have begun to get a slightly better understanding myself. I think it boils down (well...I have been being told this from many different people through the recent times)....but, it seems to boil down to removing love.

When people were operating from a place of love...a foundation of love lets say, it was much more difficult for evil or hateful decisions to brew from within them.


You remove love from them....that same evil or hateful door is much easier to open.

There seems to be a slowly boiling of the water that us frogs are sitting in.......



Sometimes being mindless is more natural.
Being mindful if it leads to overthinking and
overanalyzing is less feminine in my opinion.

Who wears the pants?
Someone who's natural inclinations are too harried.
Male or Female.

Both should kick off their pants and relax ..
Be elastic: able to resume its normal shape spontaneously after contraction, dilatation, or distortion.

Unless you are referring to elastic credit:
Whatever you want, whenever you want...
Then you might be out of your damn mind.
Hide your is called getting "rolled".

Johnny_Sparton is funny you posted what you did when you did. I was going to add an additional comment, but I felt that it may not exactly be needed or perhaps not fully understood....and a knee jerk reaction might have set some off in the wrong direction with their emotions.

However, since you now made your comment...this additional bit I was thinking of now fits perfectly.

I was going to add a comment to dong where I have read things about particular genders and granted this was years ago, and it might be different in these specific modern days....however....maybe not dunno I could imagine if there was an agenda of removing love from the essence of people, that the feminist movement that Dong refers to...was a great way of doing it. Why? Well, I have read where many women (not all) make decisions from a place of feelings or emotions...not logic. Therefore, making them bite on a concept (oh maybe convince them that they don't need a man, or all men are pigs, or men have been abusing them, or they are not being treated equally....not to mention....women often times make decisions on a herd mentality) That is why women have to go to the bathroom together often times....they all get together and usually the dominant woman makes the decision for the group....anyway....I know this is going to get argued a bit and it will take away from the ultimate agenda we are facing of love being removed from the essence of beings.....but....I am just talking in general here. There are masters of psychological manipulation that exist out there. Read about the mind control projects of the 1960's and 70's once. But anyway Ash, you bring up your comment there and adding this part seemed to fit right in afterwards.

How does this play into the ultimate agenda?

Well....whatever path women have no choice but to follow. So now you have a whole population men and women involved in this agenda.

Just my opinion is all

dunno dunno dunno dunno dunno

Hello Ash. wave
rolling on the floor laughing Johnny!

It is horrible to feel the cold setting in and the prospect of love is the fireplace in my soul.

"Sometimes being mindless is more natural.
Being mindful if it leads to overthinking and
overanalyzing is less feminine in my opinion."

Thank you Ash for sharing your honest opinion....this is right in line with what I have been reading and is the motivation behind my previous comment.

It is no secret has been written through years with what you say.

That mentality really struck home to me the other night when I encouraged a woman to check out Youtube for instruction on something she was confused about. She accidentally killed her plant. I suggested maybe she check out Youtube for instruction next time. She got pissed at me for such an absurd suggestion. She made it clear to me, "I do what feels right for me....I have been doing this all my life and it has been working just fine for me...thank you very much."

That was good advise but would work only on Big Bang Theory..if you get my drift.wink
Ash.....but you can have your cake and eat it tooo....

You can have that fireplace and multiple substance-less shallow relationships when you want them and how often you want them...with whom you want them.

No man is going to tell me what to do.

I am glad you understood that stress is a killer.
Of love, of natural tendencies to trust and
stress creates it's own agenda...much like exercise.
You exercise your demons.laugh
Absolutely Ash. ...I get your drift...hence the previous comment.

Love develops through the intimacy built and shared through time between two people. Multiple short shared moments does not allow for that intimacy to build; therefore, for love to much more difficult.

Then after all that cake....I would be ???
Not needing any partner?doh
Interesting Ash....about stress.

I wonder how stressful this current environment is for people?

no job
no money
threat of a deadly illness
no partner to rely on
no family for many
divisiveness all around

the list goes on...

I would say love is the key to solve everything.

Back to elastic pants...
We must ask Orchid.banana
wink yes Johnny.
Exactly Ash...

Because there is no compromise is the message.

If I wake up one day feeling I am missing John and Jim is sleeping next to me....I am going to do what I am feeling and going after Jim.

No compromise of my feelings.


Just my opinion.
*oops....I am going after John.
Love ..

and 6 dvd set on the birds n bees in the meantime.
tongue Robert we are still waiting for a blog.
rolling on the floor laughing which is it?
Take your hurry.purple heart
Johnny_Sparton is who feels good at the might be Tim the next night...or perhaps Tim and Jim together. dunno laugh
Anyway....the bottom women decide, men have not choice to follow.

Thankfully not ALL women are like that.

thumbs up
One final thing before I leave,

many men are logical thinkers and understand.


there are men who also make decisions from how they feel and are of the same nature...

in all is not only one gender...but genders are subject to this behavior.

I know a man, he told me he has slept with over 130 different women...and I believe it. I know men, who have not even slept with 1 woman. The more one understands, the better decisions one can make...possibly anyway. dunno laugh

Take care Ash....I need to run.

Stay safe out there.
Mr Sparton, you've done all the leg work here.....and you've got the is the why.

Evil Diabolical Narcissism is systemic in the world. For a person to accomplish this title they must be devoid of all love....volia

Their palate is Hate Anger Fear and Envy

This phenomenon is a direct relationship to the child being left by the mother as she goes back to work after giving birth. The child is then subject to an unknown caregiver who has the opportunity to abuse the child sexually/physically or emotionally. This creates a void in the victims soul and opens it up to the evil you referenced.

You see it in the news almost daily now where a child MONTHS old is sexually abused and more than not it is the father. So, where is the child safe anymore?.....I have no answer except in the arms of his/her birth mom.

God is putting a hurting on many out there that things NEED to change....
Now after 18 or so years, you now have an abused child, with no real parental guidance, an adult.

...shaping the future for humanity.

A caller on Art Bell's show called in once and asked Malichi Martin how do I protect my family? Father Martin responded, children learn most by the example their parents give them...children learn by what they see. I wonder how that works out when there are no parents around?

Great addition Sea.


I've got to revise them Love DVDs, update them, after reading here on Johnny's blog about women who want s*x right away and no long term CDs nor relationships nor my credit card number. typing groundhog

Dear Heavenly Father,
I pray over this message, that those of faith,
will step forward in earnest prayer immediately.
These recent events shared on several blogs might be cleansed with the truth that the United States is infiltrated in many areas that people have denial about:
The sanctity of our homes,places of worship and
These rituals are meant to destroy all living beings
that value your place in our lives.Amen.

purple heart
Ms ash, your vid stresses the point, not in a Mosque nor BAptist or Methodist or Protestant church, but a Catholic Church. Reason being is the Catholic Church is the one true Apostolic Church of Jesus where he made Peter the Pope. Peter was the first Pope who served 30-35 years, I forget now.

There are 32,000 Christian sects, only the Catholic Church is from God, the other 32,000 are all man made.

As I’ve previously stated Satan entered the church in 1963 as Father Malachi states in his book....Windswept House
I often wonder why they represent women like that in Hollywood movies - drinking alone in a bar, taking an unknown man home for a one-night-stand, or - even - have sex with the man they have never seen before in the bar's toilet, aggressive women who only want sex... Women aren't like that. Majority, at least. Most women are emotional creatures and search for love and romance, some emotional connection with a man.

I think that some women started to think that this behaviour from Hollywood movies is something modern and they pretend to be like that just to be seen as progressive, but that they aren't actually like that. I personally don't know many such women. I'm not young any more, so maybe this younger generation is different, but in my generation women who would jump into bed with anyone anywhere were really rather rare...

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