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My attempt at poetry.

She asked him how that made him feel.
The women who tore his heart from him.
You will never get that from me again my love.
Silently walking away from her.

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Wow! That's award winning poetry! cheers
I doubt it Robert....laugh ...but thank you.

How are things with you?
I got a poem too.

It goes like this:

A dancer, in her cleavage, she tucked coins and bills.
A man noticed and said, "There's gold in them thar hills!" cowboy
A guy dumped by his girlfriend is in a pay toilet, and says:

"Here I sit all broken hearted.
Paid a dime and only f*rted." blues
Yes Robert...I should stick to my typical analyzing the hell out of everything blogs. grin You are a natural. That little poem took me 2 weeks.
How are your Raiders doing Robert? I have not been following football much...but I was listening to my Lions today...they got a miracle win....
She asked him, "How do you feel?"

He answered, "With my fingers."

very happy groundhog
Raiders are like a newly wed couple, Up and Down from week to week.

Raiders and Lions in Super Bowl. I predict. grin
I am not sure you are feeling too well Robert. Maybe your Raiders, but the Lions will be lucky if they win one or two more.

Go Raiders! cheering laugh
I am actually shocked the Lions are 3 and 3. thumbs up I am sure when they play the Slackers, the refs will be sure they lose those 2.
Miss your stories is the season for some around the fireplace stories with some eggnog and some good old fashioned home grown with some good stories to read on the internet. :)
I've not been in the mood for stories lately. Just kind of feel they're out of place here these days, what with all the politics and news blogs. So, just kind of just kept my distance from CS blogs for a while.
Kinda the same way here too know, I don't give a crap. If I got something to throw on the politics network, I am throwing it up. laugh
Well Robert, it is getting late here and I am getting tired to boot. Hopefully you feel like sharing some stories. I think with winter coming here, I will most likely have more home time. I have spent my summer outside working a lot. But when things get cold here, I won't be out so much.

Take care...good to hear from you again. thumbs up ...and good night friend.

Okay, Johnny. Thanks for the good words.

Keep safe and healthy. Hope everything is going good for you there. cheers

" Silently walking away from her"

I'll bet you turned and gave her the finger! Didn't ya? Be honest now!
hug you guys always cheer me up!
Your poetry upon request kind of reminds me of that old sing along song.

where is that CS emoji. The Drinkin and singin one??
laugh Ash....

Be careful with feelings. :)


Know and understand them....if possible. :)

I hear what you're saying, err I read what you're saying about having things to do in the summer, and now with the winter coming, it may be time to stay home and mastertate, or vegetate, or hibernate, or facilitate.. or drink more. drinking
laugh Robert are you writing about mulching or making homebrew. jackolantern
Try any pumpkin ale yet? The brewery names are too scary for me even.
Flying Dogs-Raging b*tch...wth!

Not a big fan of Halloween I might sip one on Thanksgiving...a Good old fashioned one by Samuel Adams Harvest Pumpkin.

BTW Did he call my team the slackers.laugh
OK I'm buying.cheers

If not Samuel Adams ..then Samuel Jackson beer..
Or Eddy Murphy Hot chocolate. coffee

I once asked a date, if she had any feelings. She opened up her mouth and started pointing at which teeth of hers had fillings. doh
Hey Robert...yes, my summer was very busy. The times I was not working, I usually got home very tired and was sleeping shortly afterwards. But, my efforts have paid off beautifully. I turned a piece of crap house into something beautiful. :) Well, my father and I did actually. They wanted to bulldoze it down and turn it into a parking lot...instead, I got many from the neighborhood stopping and commenting how beautiful the thing is looking....and that is not even with the siding on that will be going on this week. We are right on schedule too (well...maybe a week off). We wanted to be finished by the end of October with the exterior, before the snow shows up and we should be done within the first week of November....just in time for hunting season. :)

To me, it is a beautiful thing to stay busy...and active....and to actually see the fruits of your labor when finished.

By the way Robert, did you white wash your girl's fillings? rolling on the floor laughing
Sheesh! Johnny, you must be a gazillionaire! Heck, I can't even afford a tent, much less restoring a Palace.
But, that's cool. Making something old really nice again. Although, I do think parking lots can also be cool looking.. grin

White wash fillings, teeth? confused I don't understand, I'm 1/64th innocent, maybe. beer

I've never made homebrew. I did know a Sam Adams. Well, his real name was Samuel Troofer Adams.
Here's to homebrew, and to whatever beer is on sale too. cheers
UPDATE 10-27-2020:

Johnny, I heard from an ole friend of mine. He said he's renovating an old parking lot. Cool, huh? beer

Note: Don't forget to change your clocks back this weekend. Daylight Spendings Time. professor
that really suckslaugh
Thanks for the clock info Robert. thumbs up

Trust me, I am no wealthy anything. Around my neck of the woods, you can get a great deal on a fixer upper. It takes a lot of sweat equity....but all worth it in the end.

What does that mean? 1/64th innocent. laugh
What really sucks CH....the white washing of teeth? laugh

If around your neck of the woods, it takes Sweat Equity. I got plenty of that, and at times the sweat smells like onions. beer

I once tried to buy a fixer lower, but I had to wait until some charity finished using it as a Haunted House for Halloween.

It wasn't haunted with ghosts. It was haunted with cockroaches. frustrated
Another award winning poem:

When you get all dressed up and think you're sweet.
Take off your shoes and smell your feet.

laugh Robert...the onion scent did cross my mind when using the sweat word with you. laugh

and then, there's the curry scent, which also means favorable or something like that. burger grin
This might create another CS poetry corner.
Very aromantic. blushing

aromatic toolaugh
another wart frog winning poem:

When you get married and have a child with curls,
I wish you a beautiful baby girl.
But if that baby should have a stick out toy,
I then wish you a beautiful baby boy.
Prediction Poetry popcorn
not sure what's going on with Johnny and Robert...must be the water

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