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Trick Or Treat

With Halloween around the corner, will there be trick or treating in your area ?

We don't celebrate it much here but we have a yearly pumpkin carving contest in the company. I won last year's contest so it's kinda tough carving something more interesting for this year's entry. I finished one last night, not too bad, not expecting to win again but had fun carving and slicing my fingers last night. Not a good idea to drink alcohol while carving pumpkin! Winner will be announced this Friday. dancing

Happy Monday !

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Hello CH,

I think there will be a different way on how trick or treating will be carried out here. I heard something about people doing it from their cars...or something like that. Anyway, I usually put a large bowl of candy out in front of my house and let the kids take what they want. It sounds like that might be what will be happening for many in my area this year.

Stay safe out there.

The thing I didn't like getting for Trick or Treat when I was a kid, was when they gave me a darn Walnut. They just tossed a walnut in my trick or treat bag. The thing still had dirt on it from being on the ground for several days. Sheesh! frustrated
How about a photo of the carving then ill tell you if you will win or not? idea I used to be a pump judge if you have doubt in me.uh oh liar
Hi wave

Do get children for trick of treat. But probably not this year due to covid.

Trick or treat or Xmas carols singers , not as good as they use to be. But still better to than nothing.

Pumpkin carving is fun too. Took part at work competition once. Others were far better. Lol
thumbs up

that's not too bad, I guess people will find so many ways to make it fun for the kids.

Busy Monday here but I'll be here blogging from time to time. Blogs used to help me take a break when the going get tough, take my mind off stressful workgrin

did you keep that walnut ?

I forgot how to post photos but I'll try...I just don't want others to see my new entry yet, it's going to be a tough competition, Mexico and New Jersey are already bragging, makes me feel a little nervouse.

how do we upload photos here ?

I used to upload photos here but they banned those bum photos and did not allow me to upload a long time, maybe I can now...moping

it's always for the children, we will whatever it takes not to disappoint themlaugh .

so you carved pumpkin then, what did you make ?
Trick or treat, smell my feet, gimmi something good to eat, if you don't, I don't care, I'll pull down your underwear smile
Hey Track !
I love Halloween. I wanted to do up the house and mom said to me "your 42 and wants to decorate the house for a kids holiday" lol

well that would fun, I dont think there's any age limit...go for it!
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Thanks, Luke!

I'm still banned from uploading photos, it's been like years now...maybe mods have forgotten about me so I sent them a message through a bloglaugh

Yes, I kept that ole walnut. I painted eyes and a mouth on it. Glued some hair on it. Now it's a pet walnut sitting next to my pet rock on the tv stand. Cool, huh? cool
We're kind of unique in that our building doesn't have doorbells. We have a keyless entry system. So I'm not sure how many kids will or will not show up laugh . We do leave a bowlful of candy on the porch. Kind of honor system. We have decorated with a lot of homemade decorations that I've made with my granddaughters. We did also carve 4 huge pumpkins and have 1 left to do. I'll do that with the kids this week as an art project for our home schooling scenario. So I think we're as ready as we can be. I'm not sure if they're going trick or treating or not. dunno

Nothing special. Holes for eyes, and nose, and cut a scary smile, a bit of red crepe paper in a shape of tongue hanging out of the mouth. Looked more a like a animated cartoon character , not scary at all.
laugh cheers
We don't celebrate Halloween in my country. Serbian people are traditionally Orthodox Christians, so our holidays aren't at the same time as in other (predominantly Catholic and Protestant) countries.

Since Halloween has lately become very popular all around the world, I think that they now organize some masquerade parties and pumpkin carving for very young children in nursery and primary schools.

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