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Record number of USA Covid-19 cases once again.

Moments ago from The New York Times;

Rising infections and over 225,000 dead Americans. Oh yeah, quite an "accomplishment". sigh
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Possible your thanksgiving will be under lock down. Get your bird now or choose a large ham instead. We need bio hazard suits and more stimulus funds.
Every Penn State student will be fined up to $300.00 this just in Police are looking for everyone.

This in not the video below.

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This is the link to this video.
there's a big case of corruption, manipulation and gaslighting. wear the mask for god's sake
My family's annual Easter gathering was cancelled.
I'm guessing the Thanksgiving gathering will also
be cancelled this year as a precaution. It's the smart thing to do.
Following the UK and science we should lock down soon. Flip the circuit breaker for a nation wide lock down. Just heard that today from Dr. John Campbell.

In this short video @ 40 seconds
Was President Trump also in Europe?
France in complete lock down, things are else were in Europe getting worse...............
Sure wonder it looks like the people are doing something wrong.
They wear mask, do keep a few meters distance etc. so how come the virus is gaining ground in Europe?
Unfortunately not everyone does Jen.
Take Trump as an example. He doesn't wear a mask.
He doesn't socially distance and he never shuts up.
He inspires followers to do the same.

There's people all over the world (a minority) that simply don't believe in the truth.
Think about religion for a moment. Most people believe in a god.
But, there's all sorts of religions. They have different gods, or they believe different things.
They all can't be right. Even if there is a god, most are wrong about some other aspect.

People are at much different levels of education when it comes to science & medicine.
Look how many people smoke. Some don't believe it's harmful. Some believe it's harmful,
but it won't harm them. Others don't care. And others believe it is harmful and do care.
Many non-smokers get cancer from other people smoking. However, cancer often takes a long time
to develop.

Well in the case of a virus, a few people can multiple the effects rapidly. Indeed, one person, who isn't
showing symptoms can infect a lot of people, who can each infect a lot of people, etc...
i'm afraid we've all been exposed to stupid.
good question, Jenny.
The derangements of the Syndrome are formidable, indeed. The hate of America is exceeded only by the hate of old carrot top. As evidenced by ---
Getting a stiffie over the illness/deaths of our own country persons. From the Chinese, VERY Chinese, virus.
Sad. VERY sad.
while Jim sleeps.....there's a lot of Trump supporters getting a coffee and high-fiving 4 more years
Pence has a great voice, "4 more years". for an old guy, Pence is hot
there's a record number of mental cases in 2020 too. can masks help with that?
Perhaps. The mental cases refuse to wear a mask. Thus, there's at least correlation.

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