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The Maquis de Sade

Most know of him, but who was he really? I just sloughed through a huge paperback, that included history of him and 3 books he wrote. Like Eugenie and Justine. Talk about a warped,sick mind. It appears he did not do all he wrote. He did rape a woman which got him jailed. And other jailings for porn. He was however married for years to a woman who stuck with him through it all and he had two kids with her.
What makes his writing hard to plow through, though, is he uses his male characters to write page, after page, after page that are his beliefs as to religion, laws and morality as he tries to corrupt a young innocent virgin. Skimming works!yawn doh
According to what he writes, criminal acts are forgivable. It is the victims fault. He derides the haves for not sharing their wealth. The perp has every right to take that which others have due to the fact that those who work and earn what they have, should then hand over anything the lazy criminal lacks. He justifies murder because it is natures laws. And there is no illicit act in rape, torture, sodomy, incest, child killings, or any other because what is against the law in the persons country is legal or ignored in another.
His/their views on religion is that it is all fiction and corrupt as the real world. Governments and society use it to blind people and use them, by teaching them to obey.
The ironic thing in his writings and ideas, is how much is in play in our modern societies. Criminal minds are his way...society and well off owe the criminal. They justify the crimes in their minds. Sade wrote in the 16/1700a. Sad it still rings so true today.frustrated

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Marquis... with an 'R'
So much for my proof reading. Oops.sigh doh
I don't get it when people are talking about "the good old times".

There are sick minds today and there were sick minds at all times in the past.

It's still not a plain playing field and people with money and connections do get away with stuff, but not as much as they did in the past. In a lot of cases, it catches up with people and I hope that this upward trend will continue.
Way back when I was a kid or even before...up north was a man named Ed Gein. He was kind of neighborly, if rather odd. Guess he had some people over for dinner even.
He lived alone away in.
Well, you can look him up. Seems he ate human flesh and turned their skins into hide to make lampshades and such. They got him for murder, but could only prove one women he killed. Turned out the rest were corpses he had dug back out of graves. Wasn't proven he fed those people human meat at the dinner.
Just your average, bachelor farmer neighbor.
What evil lurks in the hearts of man..the Shadow knows. Or not! wow uh oh
There always were and will be sick and evil people.

Not good for peace of mind having had someone like this for a neighbour. uh oh

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