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The Pittsburg Post-Gazette....

...first edition, 1786; circulation, 200 to 300+K. So, going long and strong. Last editorial endorsement for a Republican---1972. That would be half a century ago, for the stinky lower classes from Oz. And....................................,.........
In a very even tempered explanatory piece, does so for Mr. Trump's 2020 big re-erection bid. VERY big.

Others here have listed his many warts, and his many kept campaign promises, the latter done even with incredible ueber leftie Syndromic wind on his bow. Thanks to all. So I won't bore by repeating such. Hell, I'm boring enough as it is.

Basically, the article separates the annoying warts, from the real accomplishments. In doing so, mounts truth to power. Truncated list of accomplishments, to my eye. But valid. And nice even handed treatment of the warts. For example, that he's divisive. Oh yeah! And the racist, affirmative action, negro ex POTUS wasn't so? Pols are almost all divisive. Puleeze!

Read it. Don't easily be led by the Vierk's dirty little lies. Not at all for wrapping fish, as are most print media, at least this edition.

And isn't PA one of the most crucial States? Four more years.

Comments (9)

Pittsburgh loves The Donald.
As do 25+% of the really woke Negroes on the other side of the Keystone State, W.
Landslide tomorrow?
Landslide tomorrow?

Si Si Senor !!!
Yep, W., if the Dems' stealing of votes stays to a minimum. Which is why a landslide is needed. Also for keeping the Senate, and to even up the House, on the coat tails of the big guy.
Different big guy from reprobate addict Hunter's, of course.
And Willy, my friend, just noticed you beat me to it on this topic. But the more, the merrier, no? The severely afflicted derangement syndrome folks here can use repeated doses of the truth.
Sadly, a few could also use electro-shock therapy. Multiple doses.
They should have gotten the electro shock therapy before their lobotomies V........but who knows perhaps there would still be some value.
But the more, the merrier, no?

Yessiree !!!
Biden shot himself in the foot in his own home state. rolling on the floor laughing
Kind of jazzed for the next 72 hours here at Celibate Scribes...

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