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Businesses in liberal run cities prepare for rioting on November 4th

This shouldn't really surprise anyone who has been paying attention. The George Floyd riots, violence and destruction from Antifa and BLM - almost entirely in cities run by Democrats - has gone largely unchallenged by weak and thin-skinned elected Democrats. No wonder these anarchists and terrorists have become so emboldened. Democrat Jerry Nadler referred to Antifa as a "myth" and Democrat leadership went a full 3 months before coming out and saying anything against the anarchy and violence. The truth is that many have given up on law and order, and law abiding citizens have suffered as a result. Remember that when you vote.

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Well, they really need to prepare for it on Nov. 3 when the election returns start coming in.
This from '16 -
The rhetoric has amped up over four years ago ...
Leftists have had a Summer of "Pre-Season" riots/looting/chaos ...
Some 10 Million guns (likely many more) have been purchased in the past 8 months.

Given the Omens - Folks are Fools if they Aren't protecting their livelihoods.

A very sad reflection on the USA, that Democracy is seen as a means to start a civil war, all due to Trump exacerbating an already diverse society.
If Biden wins it will be the Trump cult that starts the war, if he loses there may be riots and some looting by a few far left, but it will be the Trump supporters that will use guns rather than find a peaceful solution.
riz wants a peaceful communist takeover of the US. scold
I think it will be a much rougher road if Trump wins tomorrow. The left and their cronies have already decimated a large part of our city with their summer "peaceful" protests. This would just be yet another excuse to go at it again.
Good video from Nige thumbs up thumbs up
Kp but the real question is are you going to vote for the party that is willing to confront these violent elements (the Republicans) or are you going to vote for the party who has in effect enabled and empowered them. It's a very clear choice in my opinion.
Ahh yeah - my little family here is going straight red but considering it's Illinois - not a very good shot at turning the state. moping
I think Republicans will do very well in a number of States that have been typically strong for Democrats. People are realizing what's at stake and a number of people are going to vote that haven't voted before. They're going to vote for law and order and against the far left which threatens the entire fabric of the nation.
Many will vote because (MSM Notwithstanding) it's apparent Ol' Joe's not fit to be POTUS -
sad flower

If 'Crats Really wanted a Leftist, they should've Run one rather than despicably use a Senile "Moderate" as a Trojan Horse only to "25th Amendment" his pathetic áss IF they get him in. devil


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