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It appears to be true... Trump's lawyers held a press conference at the Four Seasons in Philadelphia and mistakenly selected the Four Seasons Total Landscaping company and not the hotel of a similar name.
They went through with the event anyway on the parking lot between an adult bookstore and a cremation center.

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Is that Rudy standing next to a fire hose?

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Seems appropriate. The campaign was a mistake, destined to be cremated AND buried. grin
Trump: A Loser for All Four Seasons.. laugh

The Moment Giuliani Realized Trump Lost (VIDEO)

Nov 9, 2020

The Damage Report

"What began five years ago with the made-for-TV announcement of Donald Trump’s presidential ambitions from the escalator of his ritzy Manhattan high-rise ended Saturday with his aging lawyer shouting conspiracy theories and vowing lawsuits in a Northeast Philadelphia parking lot, near a sex shop and a crematorium.

In hindsight, the hastily arranged news conference featuring Rudy Giuliani, the president’s personal lawyer, just minutes after Joe Biden had been declared the victor of the 2020 race, delivered a fitting end to a campaign that had been at times characterized by its slapdash techniques.

But the question of how a landscaping company in Holmesburg became the backdrop for what could have been one of the Trump team’s last public gasps in its bid to reverse the results quickly captured the public’s imagination."

Kate McKinnon did a SNL skit about Rudy.

That hairpiece had quite a good likeness... laugh
Rudy has lost all his senses. What a place to hold a meeting. I bet Trump would not have gone there.

Idiots are being used, misused, and abuse by Trump. devil

Time is ticking......January 19th will be here sooooooon.
Here's a Closer Look at that press meeting;

Can you imagine someone from the landscaping company answering the phone to Giuliani requesting use their parking lot for a news conference. Make America Rake Again. Lawn And Order.. rolling on the floor laughing

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