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Spending a day with a trucker?

In order to get the best look into what I can expect with regards to my future career, I have been watching a LOT of YouTube videos. Not many vloggers from Europe, but there are a few. The Road Legends, who drive in the UK, Cassie from Sweden and Kristo Boginsky from Estonia. These people give some valuable information and show their day to day driving activities. All fine and dandy, but I still feel like I am only shown half the story.

So, my next move is to see if three truckers are willing to take me along for a day, just to show me how the industry is for real. One curtainside trucker, one container trucker and one tanker trucker. That way, I can see what fits me the best.

But tomorrow is the meeting with the school, and after that, I will see if I can find some truckers, who are willing to take me along for a ride. I am most interested in the container trucking bit. I mentioned this to my housemate, and he was telling me, that I had to load the container myself. He is, apparently, an expert in trucking, since he's working as an IT supporter. He has one friend who is a trucker, and he spent a day with him. But that friend drives a dual trailer truck, and not a container truck, so I am not sure he can know just HOW a container trucker works. As I understand it, you pick up a chassis where a container is already loaded. Of course you have to secure the trailer to the truck, and make sure that everything works. But that's pretty much it. No loading or anything. I might read up on it, just to be on the safe side.

But I am really set on spending a day with a trucker! At least before my education begins!

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you will find that not many truckers will take you ,as the insurance is a issue ,,as you will not be covered hence you are then a liability ,,also companies frown on any unauthorised passengers also as they become liable ,,so you best idea would be to contact a haulage company and ask or failing that then ask the college where you are going to do your course for advice ,,as for a container driver taking you ,that would certainly be a no as you would not have the clearance to enter the docks ,,these are the reasons that truck drivers no longer give lifts to hitch hikers
Take a bus ride, same shit
Be careful, the motto for getting rides is to supply "gas, grass, or a**". laugh
Just be careful you don't loose your virginity to a Lot Lizard. Or just maybe, that will be considered a perk.dunno
Phil, would you like some instructions on backing up a tractor trailer? That might give you a heads up for when you start your schooling.

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