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Breaking News ! GA vote Officially Reaffirmed. Biden wins !

Moments ago from The New York Times;

head banger applause

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"Hey Hey Hey Goodbye !"

dancing danceline party

"Goodbye to you !" scold head banger

A good tribute to Anthony Fauci too ! Great day for America.
Its even possible that we will have a Senate majority if all this nastiness from drump continues.banana banana banana

I'm glad the majority of the public made the right choice Raph.
@ Jim Nasty... how the hell did you ever get to be a reporter.... !!!!! ? wake up and smell the roses..!!! Biden hasn't win and more than likely won't.... no one will know till Jan.... you are so stupid...!!!!!
Thanks for that projection about yourself in the last line of your comment. head banger

Nonetheless, as usual, you are confused.
Biden will be taking the office of US president at noon on January 20th.
Get out your crayon and mark it on your calendar.

Did you think angry old white males would be polite and just disagree?... lol...laugh

I wonder if LJ is crying right now regarding her personal savior... Trump... wine
whatever the outcome, the wise are wiser. that's the rub. learn to live with it
ps. is it possible for you to write something without the aid of using someone else's words? you do a word collage daily. speak fresh words for a change. the US isn't into canned cons. feel free to delete

It is his blog... and I do not want to criticize your blogs... after all it is your point of view...right?...I think overall JimN is making a point that despite Biden winning... he is able to work as a non partisan... no problem crossing the political floor to get things done in a cohesive manner...he wants the Presidency to include all people of USA... wine
concerning Trump, i thought crazy when my 80 plus yeares parents voted for such a man, then i lived real-time impacts of crooked politicians, i got it. 92-year-olds can't be wrong. i trust my parents
c - I add my own words when I feel it is appropriate. However, I don't make the news.
When it's a news blog, I quote what has been researched & reported professionally.
Nonetheless, idiots on here chastise me...... for the news. laugh

No... they like many others were duped... no doubt that corporations f*cked over middle to low income people... but Trump is not innocent... he is a crook and willing to lie and steal... f*cking over the very people that elected him... like I said a veneer... fake... Bernie Sanders would have more appeal but socialism turned into communism...alot of folks rely on social programs and were duped by your President... feeding mistruths about Medicare... or food stamps for that matter... if corporations like Amazon or Trump's companies paid people a decent wage including Healthcare and pensions... the average worker would not have to rely on food stamps... have a nest egg for troubling times or helping their young with education... but Amazon or Trump have not paid taxes and are relying on taxpayers to subsidize poorly paid employees with food stamps and other vital needs... sigh
Exactly LL thumbs up

One of the ironic aspects, is that the people who need the help the most, are often ones, who have been brainwashed to go against it.
In another blog I have said Trump resembles Dickens character Uriah Heep... in his Copperfield novel... quite fitting... wine
Well, they both are insincere.
The veneer is thin... you just have to look... wink
That's the only thing thin about Trump though. laugh
enjoy the ride to the shitter because Trump has the card. he's not stupid
even if Trump doesn't win, he's git ammo to shoot the enemy down. it's commie season. . i once used Muzzy briadheads
Everyone is stupid, just at different levels. It's all relative.
From my perspective Trump is an idiot.
@ raphael

thumbs up

@ Jim... with the recent revelation it will be interesting to see what happens..

Worse than Trump are those that still shill for him.. wink

Having a political cult movement is harmful to the entire western world.
A political cult is a path to dictatorship, Trump wants to be president for life, and the duped are helping him succeed.
Remember how cult members killed themselves?
Cultism is a form of brainwashing, and it is obvious to the world that Trump is the leader of a dangerous and dishonest cult.

On November 18, 1978, Peoples Temple founder Jim Jones leads hundreds of his followers in a mass murder-suicide at their agricultural commune in a remote part of the South American nation of Guyana. Many of Jones' followers willingly ingested a poison-laced punch while others were forced to do so at gunpoint.

Trump is a new version of Jim Jones
This is your guy in action.

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