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Selfie Mirror...

I came across a profile with 2 photos of a woman's reflection in a mirror. It was a small round makeup mirror, the kind where one side is magnified and the other side is standard.
Her face was obscured by a cellphone (iPhone to be exact) in both images... it was obvious to me due to the angle and size, the photos were superimposed (Photoshopped) into the mirror and not real shots.

So I researched it. While I didn't find the exact match, I did find a website that anyone can upload photos and 'insert' them into the mirror the same way the member did.

It was on a site called PicsArt.

Probably 20 years ago the utility website 'Face in a Hole' that did the same thing.
I noticed it because several members had identical backgrounds with different faces.
Easy to spot as the people pasting their face to a different surround always had the wrong angle!

One site had scammers pasting their faces on photos of models. Here is a sample of that:

Embedded image from another site

Embedded image from another site

While these free utilities are fun, it opens a world to photo fraud.

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Is that your wife? Like the one you put on your last blog, while you pretend to be Mr Genuine?
Why would you think I'm not genuine?

All of those photos were found on the internet.
The model is a real model and the others were scammers.

The lady holding the sign came from a sign generating site. Not my wife. You pick the model, enter the text and it generates a photo. Scammers often do this when attracting someone to make them believe it's real.

Embedded image from another site
Since posting this blog, I received 2 likes and 2 messages from 34 year old women.
Are they fraud? You betcha!
Make that 3 likes and 3 messages. laugh
Well there you go... Movie star good looks come in handy!
Here's another example of photo scamming. A guy want's proof the woman is really who she says she is and she sens him a photo with his name on it.

Embedded image from another site

He has no reason to doubt her and falls for the scam.

In reality, the woman is a model and her photo was faked.

Embedded image from another site

Poor Steve... he got duped.
Yeah, Steve should have stayed in and clipped his toenails...

I never knew this kind of stuff happened but I hate the way (some men) don't see past all the glimmer and tits out obviousness... even when they're of a certain age! Maturity isn't about the chronology but only the mentality...
Chat have you been scammed?
You seem obsessed with Asian woman half your age wow do you share your extensive picture collection with your wife confused
He just knows the crack (as in what's going on) with regards to scammers and their antics... He's respectful and humorous on the blogs and his wife's a lucky woman! At least that's what I think, cos I can!laugh
Another odd query from you... There is no extensive picture collection of my wife. What would make you think that?

The closest to being scammed was to an American woman in a chat room. This is long before the days of webcams. What a story she had... tall, slender would exercise regularly, red hair, mentioned she appeared in an issue of Playboy while in college. She tried hard to get me to fly out to see her. Requesting photos got nothing from her. Good thing I didn't take the bait. Another guy did take the offer and was sadly disappointed as she was short, heavy with color from a bottle.

ALL dating sites have 30ish women hitting on men twice their age. You get that too.. Yes?
The internet is fake. Everything is filtered and beautified. It's just the way it is. dunno

People also "travel" in many different ways... laugh

Embedded image from another site
This is why I'm amazed so many think youtube and similar are always the truth, there are so many apps available to manipulate and create misinformation.
Why the election has been hijacked by the unscrupulous and those "of a certain age" believe all the BS totally as unable to think for themselves.
Ha ha rizlared, you've got a really convincing looking lower face unit there!!! When you go for a socially distanced date in a restuarant and pull it off, the real you will be revealed! Then you'll have to pay up!!! laugh
For Chatillion (Sir) So thought of you with this!!! (Please don't be too offended!! Feel free to delete!laugh)

Interesting song... I couldn't understand the lyrics. The amazing thing is I wrote a song in 1968 with the same chord structure!
It's just English hooligans with northern accents and a dodgy recording!! I only did it because you have a good sense of humour and are knee deep in reality too - you must have a sense of humour, being on CS all the time!!!

Did you play in a band?
I need to probe deeper! Then I can have your autograph!!! I have a ukulele and fart a lot! laugh
Not in this venue, but I will say music engulfed my life and 6 or 7 years of that was playing professionally. One touring group doing 50's 60's and 70's hits took me all the way to Halifax, Nova Scotia and several cities in Canada. The deal turned sour causing me to get out of music professionally.
Golly gosh!

Did you write your own stuff within the band or just do cover versions of songs, or a blend of both?

Questions, questions!!! laugh
Both, depending on the venue.
In a nightclub, it was cover songs, played like the original artists.
In a concert/stadium it was a few original songs and cover songs with our own flavor, similar to the way Vanilla Fudge performed The Supremes You Keep Me Hangin On!

Wow, that Vanilla Fudge gave it some - all I remember is the Motown version from my Dad's eight track cassette type thing... It was all Abba and damn good Motown music and black people were respected and never treated unfairly, they made more positive and better songs than anyone!!! There is no colour because we're all equal and that's a fact!!!

But back to you dude, were you a lead or bass guitarist? Did you play bars and do gigs every week?
I'm a mizrubble bustuhd fits me to a T
My brother is 5 years older than me and often borrowed 45's from friends to rerecord on my dad's reel-to-reel tape machine so they cold go to parties and have a few hours of music and not have to handle records.
My dad had music of his day and I got to listen to a span of 40+ years.
I took symphonic band in Junior High playing oboe and started on guitar when The Beatles invaded American music.
There were at least 15 guitarists in my neighborhood and though my parents supported my music expression, my mother wanted a piano. We convinced her to purchase a portable organ and I joined a band playing keyboard.
Since we were too young to drive, our parents would volunteer and take us to Miami Beach where we got on the pool band circuit going from hotel to hotel doing music for tips.
It's called busking in Europe. That worked for a few years.
We were doing songs by Young Rascals, Gerry & The Pacemakers, Lots of Motown hits that lead to private parties, teen dances, fraternity parties.
Cream and Jimi Hendrix came along and I switched to bass guitar.

By the time of Led Zeppelin, I was in a Zep cover band who also an amazing copy of Amboy Dukes songs. We saw them live several times and got to understand their music.

Very active, we gigged nearly every weekend and more during summer as one venue was open 7 days a week.
Well Fargo, join in and be a miserable (as well as fat) bastard!!!

Chatillion's wimped out... You know why don't you?

He's gone scoffing again...

Chatillion's wimped out... You know why don't you?

Sorry, I was away. Actually, I've got a life outside of CS.

laugh or should that be crying

Daaannnggggg Dude! You're Legit! You've really lived it, played it and survived it!!! It's nice that you were brought up well (supportive parents!) and all the experiences you've had were without struggle!!!

(Unlike me! rolling on the floor laughing) Do you still 'gig' or write and record your own songs?
Sorry to keep you! I've taken root on this chair for the last 2 days, such is my unfamiliarity with 'annual leave'!!! Nice to read about your history, I always thought you were cool!! wine
In bad times, my mother sent me money for food and hotel.
The other members didn't have that support.
They took drugs and smoked.
Often they would go into a grocery store and pretend they were shopping while quickly feeding themselves and walking out.
Very, very lucky they weren't arrested for that!
You've got sensible running through you... Drugs and alcohol have ruined so many people and the ones that live have only just realised how much the stuff can ruin them, in time!
I'm in Strangler mode! laugh

I've never seen/heard The Stranglers before. Thanks!

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