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"If it is good enough for them, it is good enough for everyone."

...key word there "everyone."

The exact phrase I was thinking we would most likely hear when it comes to the vaccine being administered to front line workers. However, as far as I understand, front line workers will be required to take the vaccine. I have friends that are working in hospitals and such...and they tell me that they must take vaccines in order to be allowed to work.

So that phrase is misleading...making it sound like front line workers are lining up volunteering for it. It is more like, if you want to keep your job, you are going to take this vaccine.

I just heard those exact words from a guy being interviewed on Fox news.

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don't be surprised if you need a covid card to travel anyplace.
The guinea pigs usually are people in the military.

Now they are the Frontline workers.

When people have no choice to be sacrificial lambs, it becomes a sad situation.
They are taking the same approach on everything, do as we say not as we can prove.
The public was very demanding after there were
no answers.The press punctuated opinions on every news story, three times a day.Opinion news shows became a resource as they lack evidence.
(but the integrity of the media has been long gone.)
A celebrity, a traumatic ordeal and blame are not prudent resources for me.

Whether viruses,vaccines or anything to pull you in two directions allows them to waffle.
Truth, concrete results and then choices= freedom.
String, that is interesting. I have not heard that one until now.
...can't buy or sell perhaps???

LaF...hopefully all this does indeed allow choice to be made as they are making it sound at this time.


Ash....I remember not so long ago when the policy of the news networks was to just report the news and let us decide. They would keep their personal opinions out of it. Now....laugh


If they put the vaccine in a Free Beer or Whiskey, heck, lots of people will have no problem taking it, ASAP.
laugh should be running the whole program. thumbs up

they make homemade brews, moonshine and people drink them. People eat magic mushrooms and smoke weed. People eat Artificially Flavored Imitation Hamburgers and other foods with preservatives and stuff in them.

People have sx with people they just met at the nightclub the same night.

People read blogs. Yet, they critique whether the vaccine is unsafe or safe. doh

This is so true. We have no idea what we eat and drink any more, the air is polluted, we are surrounded with technology and its constant effect on us, we live terribly unhealthy, not exercise enough, (so many people smoke, drink, take drugs) and now - "I don't want a vaccine!!!". laugh

I bet if someone said: "Sorry, the vaccine will be given only to chosen and special ones" EVERYONE would try to get it, make a selfie taking it and post on Instagram. laugh

If people were told not to take the vaccine because it gets people high or drunk. People would be getting it, like it's toilet paper on sale. grin
That's so true!

And - they could do that - add something extra, just a little, so that you get rewarded for taking a vaccine.

Then the whole world would get high for free! laugh
McBob, however,does KNOW..
FETAL CELL$....ask your doctor if any of these things are even remotely beneficial in the human blood stream.
Pandemic / comethazine
Red medicine / Fugazi } pOp music medical alert
CORONA / minutemen
..A R ] Crown on the ground / $leigh bells.
Those silly people Robert...with their critiquing. laugh

I suppose I have nothing better to do right now than just do some indirect complaining. laugh
Speaking of rewards for vaccine taking...they are talking about giving people $1500 if they take it. dunno laugh

...still not enough for me to sign up though.
Bob....sounds like some dangerous stuff there.
we don't know what the vaxx is going to do in the long run it takes years to know the effect of it. those that take it are just human genie pigs.
Very true String. It sounds like they want everyone ready and willing and on board to it by the middle of next year.
I will check that String. Thank you.
I am not against vaccines....

I am just suspect of ones that are rushed to market..
...being forced upon people
...and have not be adequately tested..

...especially when they already found out stuff about one of them that was unknown previously.


I am not against anyone who wants to take one or two or whatever amount they want to give you.


I am also not for manipulation either. my original post is stating.
Johnny, we all feel the same.

We know that it takes time to make a proper vaccine, to test it, to verify that there are no side effects or - at least - that it isn't useless.

I don't believe in all those silly conspiracy theories, but I know that it's not that easy to make a vaccine. It might prove useless. Or it might have some unpredictable side effects. Nobody wants that.

I don't plan to be the first in line to take it.
Astra...sign me up too for that vaccine once it is proven to be safe and when I am ready to be signed up. thumbs up

In the meanwhile, you might not be first in line for it...but probably before me...tell me how it works out. laugh
....provided the nano technology does not prohibit you from communicating. laugh tongue
Johnny, I really didn't expect something like this from you. scold
As a gentleman, you should offer yourself to be the first! roll eyes


If there only were some advanced nanotechnology! sigh
Well...I am not sure you watched String's video...with the lady talking about the WEF and UN...and agenda 2030.....where they claim people will own nothing and be happy.

She says that there is a plan to implant nanotechnology in our bodies that will interact with our cells and connect us to the internet through 5G. She gave the example of possibly life being like the movie Matrix.


Obviously, that is something new...if of course true.

Obviously, if true...and carried would most likely be the "New World Order."

Now, I am not going to place any judgments on anything before I feel I have a pretty good grasp on what exactly things are. But sometimes, there are things that are so complicated and I am just a dummy, that I may not be able to grasp something that is so far out of the norm.


Because something is new, does not necessarily mean something is bad.

With that said, I got from your comments to Robert that you were ready to get high on the new vaccine. rolling on the floor laughing So, ladies first. grin
Those are conspiracy theories. We don't have such technology. It would be great if something like that existed, but for now it's still just science fiction. Unfortunately. We are so far away from all those cool sci-fi things. sigh
Crashlander should receive a jab first, followed by a swift uppercut

Are we all not guinea pigs in one way or another, anyways? People who think they're not, think again. How many times have we all been the testers for a new medicine or food? Many times, whether we were told or not.

How many times has a doctor told us that if a certain prescription makes you feel bad, let me us know and we will change the prescription, after it's already messed us up and got in our system.

How many lawyers do you see advertising on TV, "If you used this pill, medication from 2016 to 2019, you may be able to file a lawsuit against whatever company."

There's no conspiracies, it's just a new vaccine. Take it, or wait to take it, or don't take it at all. whatever.
Astra....Elon Musk with his business Neuralink is working on such technology. How far along he is or is he just dreaming in general, I do not know.

Robert...I cannot disagree with you. I really think you nailed it quite well.
Johnny_Sparton sounds like a boxing matching. laugh dunno
Thank you again String. I look forward to watching both videos now. thumbs up
This vaccine is still being tested,they dont tell you of the side affects you may get taking it.
And it is given in two doses.
Not everyone will be affected exactly the same, so the side affects vary. Some more, some less than others.
Hi Johnny,

I work in a hospital and some are suspicious that the vaccine has somehow been created so suddenly. But at the same time we are at the mercy of the scientists who know exactly what they're doing...

Personally, and having seen how this Covid can knock healthy people down, and reading much medical information, I'll trust the doctors!

People are idiots for refusing to get vaccinated in my opinion...

What doesn't kill you makes you stronger. It's only a small prick, after all!!! rolling on the floor laughing
I think the effects of covid and the swabbing are also not accurate yet.( anywhere?) False positives, etc.
I know way too many people who have claimed symptoms and their tests said nope.dunno
Wasn't the supposed advantage of having a confirmed mild case is that you would have the "antigens" and would not need the vaccine.

Does a vaccine guarantee you are not a carrier?
Have a good weekend!!
I am pretty sleepy and got my 2nd wind
at almost 1a.m.
It has been pretty hectic lately.wave

Very sad there is a man that actually wants to hit a woman in the face. thumbs down
That is not boxing or even sparring.
I will not be back here.
Happy Holidays and Happy New Year!


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