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Utah Monolith...

The Utah Department of Public Safety department helicopter was helping Utah Division of Wildlife Resource and spotted a tall metallic monolith in a remote area of the Utah desert.
Photos and videos of the object went viral and it was described to be something like the monolith from the science fiction movie 2001: A Space Odyssey, less the monkeys.

It's not known how it got there, who did it, how deep in the earth it's erected. It appears to have been man-made from stainless steel sheets that were riveted in the corners.

Today, in the news, it's reported the monolith is gone and only a flat plate that marked the location remains.

The Utah Monolith
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Comments (10)

It has certainly made a talking point, a pleasant break from the Election BS.
So who took the time to make and place this Monolith is the 65000 dollar question?
In my valuable, very valuable opinion, this Monolith design, construction, and placement was executed by someone as an effective, very effective prank, with the goal of diverting attention away from himself.
Who is this person and how could he afford such an elaborate and expensive, very elaborate and expensive
Prank? If I'm correct, I'm confident, very confident, you can find him in a basement of a big, very big building not too far from the Patomac river up in MD.

BTW, my new writing style was inspired by the cheese omelette from Maine. I sincerely, very sincerely hope it's as annoying, very annoying to you, as it is to me.
I find the fact that it suddenly vanishes more puzzling than the fact that it was put up in a desert. wave
It's a prank.....they removed it and replace with stones.

People are so gullible. It is sad to see how many will grab at straws. frustrated
"Hal ? Hal ?"
I read that it was installed on government land - private property.
The pranksters know/knew this and that's why the monolith had to disappear in the night.
I suppose I have to nerd out and say it was not a 2001: A Space Oddessy Monolith, as it did not have the dimension ratio 1 X 4 X 9.

Yes, I never did have the respect of women, why do you ask? wine
"I find the fact that it suddenly vanishes more puzzling than the fact that it was put up in a desert"

Perhaps it was a mail-drop box full of discarded T-Rump ballots and is now on its way to Jupiter.
Embedded image from another site

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