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History Channel's Curse of Oak Island

Do you watch and and if so, what do you think?

Do you think they will find something of major importance?

At first, I was unsure.

Then as time progressed, I thought that there actually may be something that was there at one time. Whatever it was, the ambition and intelligence that was able to bury it at a depth of over 100 feet deep must have been pretty impressive.

Now, as I watch the latest episode, it seems as if there might actually be some sort of global alignment going on with Oak Island and specifically with a formation found on the island, the cross.

I doubt what was there is still there.

But if it is still there...for whoever or whatever took the initiative to hide it to that extent...I am guessing they or it did not want it found.

What happens if it does indeed get found.
uh oh

I am thinking people have only the potential of getting extremely wealthy in mind...but what if it is more than that.


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If any of y'all want to take a shot at treasure hunting in West-Central Wisconsin -

The story goes that an old miser living in rural Plum City was dying & the family was trying to get him to say where he had his loot.

In his dying delirium, he said "It's where the wild birds sing."

It's kept a few generations of young sleuths busy trying to decipher the clue & locate the booty - And it's presumably still Out There.

I only needed to see Oak Island in the blog title & that was click bait for Me!
Fascinating to speculate what could've inspired such incredible efforts to keep folks from obtaining, well ... Whatever.


I think it would be a great past time or something to do in retirement...go treasure hunting. Interesting story about the WI treasure. Maybe one day. thumbs up


A bit more info for those who may not know about this Oak Island situation, like me.

However, after looking it up, here's what it says about it.

Since 2014, History Channel’s The Curse of Oak Island has followed the siblings’ expeditions of Oak Island, a small private isle located along the south shore of Nova Scotia, Canada. It’s long been rumored that priceless historical artifacts, including Marie Antoinette’s jewels and several Shakespearean manuscripts, are buried within those 140 acres.
Thank you Robert...I guess I just assumed everyone knew because I knew. rolling on the floor laughing

Yes...what you say is true.

There is also speculation that significant religious relics might be buried the Ark of the Covenant.

Thanks again.


just thought I'd lend some help. You know, not everyone can afford 700 8K ultra HD cable TV channels and a flip phone like you can. doh

Didn't you say you also had one of them new Super Duper TURBO WHIRL Flushing Toilets that could basically flush down branches of trees and stuff like that? confused

Old news. Legend of Oak Island is pirates landed with loot. They buried it and booby trapped it. Head guy killed the ones who helped. So for decades people have tried to get the treasure. The island is sea levelish. There is a spot that has been dug into by many. Like for a century? They get so deep and it keeps flooding. Timbering has been brought up. And maybe a coin or two or stuff. The last big dig got so far and here comes the water. Thinking is there is access to the sea which is why they can't stop it. Heard there has been collapses and deaths trying.
Even with the latest modern technology, no one has been able to locate a treasure chest. And question it even exists.
Just like the Lost Dutchman Mine. Like Geo caching..people have searched lives away chasing rumors.
Supposedly my farm had a cave for moon-shining. Never found and never looked. Mom went bats trying to fill a sink hole in the lawn. She said it may have been the entrance, the cave or an old well or cistern. Good old folk tales. If it existed I think would have been cut into the river cliff. But, since farm is sand and rocks, doubt any cave would have been feasible unless walled with wood. And it would have all rotted long ago.scold

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