Life is a short warm moment and death is a long co

I think life should not be reduced to a to do list. Most of us spend too much time working to make money for the things we think we need. The problem is that this is no dress rehearsal
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We only live and work to make money and spend not for our ownsake but for other's sake.doh doh
This was a busy morning on the farm getting sheep sorted out for their maternity experience. Bess my trusty sheepdog has nearoly completed her training though she was a bit impeteous today.
Its a glorious day and I feel good walking the mounain rounding up a few strays. Yesterday was problematic hence the dark theme for my blog. I will be in the stone workshop now after my break for a few hours as tomorrow I am working with the famous sculptor Redmond Herrity.
This was an intense morning where I had a meeting with tough negeotiation to achieve the desired result. Then I had a rather relaxed lunch afterwards in Letterkenny. Spent an hour visiting my sister In Law in hospital who had her womb removed. Im glad I went.
Then it was off to the Letterkenny sculptor centre for a a while with Redmond where I carved and listened to classical music. It was very therapeutic. Drove the hour and a half back home and released poor Bess (Sheepdog) who had been tied ouside her shed all day. I got a torch then and went up to the mountain to check the sheep;no lambs arrived today. It wont be long now.
Im gonna relax now in the living room in front of a blazing open fire and let the world go by.
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