I need upgrades!

For the past year and a half, I have been using the same keyboard and mouse, for gaming. I think it's time for an upgrade, but I don't know which ones to pick. There are so many different products to pick from, and in very different price ranges.

Normally, I am going with Razer, but they are a bit expensive for me at the moment, so I have to look elsewhere. I might just find something cheap, which means I need to get a few of each. Maybe three keyboards and three mice. I also need a new desk, or at minimum a new piece of furniture, to all the things on my current desk. I also need a new chair, since this one I have now is a bit.. Cheap.. I got it for 146 USD, while the more sturdy ones are around 450 USD. Last but not least, I need a new power supply and a case for my pc parts, I have laying around. Those are pretty cheap, so hopefully I will not have to spend over 1000 USD on upgrades to my gaming things. I do have a PS4, which I can play most games on, but there are some games that I need a pc to play. Simulation games and such. Luckily, my new career is relatively well paid, so I can slowly but surely upgrade my setup, one month at a time.
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Didn't you buy a gaming chair a few months ago?
Wouldn't it be sensible to save your money as a deposit on a flat or similar? You said you are sharing at the moment.
Maybe I'm old fashioned but to me, accommodation and food are more important than gaming stuff. Especially for someone who is not earning a salary at this time.
You give the impression that you are reckless with money, not an attractive characteristic, especially for women!
Sorry if I'm being blunt, but your post seems to be suggesting the above.
Riz: I did, and it's still very comfortable. I am not going to buy all these things right now, but it's when I can afford it. Most likely it will be after I get my own place, because that would be the most sensible. Right now, my focus is saving up enough to get my own place, and then I will look at upgrading :)
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