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got dirt? Swalwell

There was a video that was shared on here by another member. I forget who shared it and what it was titled. But, it was a video about when Trump got elected, he went and visited many leaders of the world and the person claimed that Trump was visiting them to reveal the dirt he had on them.

The video also claimed that at the Timberwolf's (GHWB) funeral, many political figures received an envelope from Trump. Inside, the video host states, were photos of inappropriate deeds being performed by the people who received the envelopes.

It is interesting to me how Trump during his fight in overturning the results of this election now has immense Republican support to his agenda. It is something else how he even has Ted Cruz...after all his accusations about his family and inappropriate remarks about his wife.

I wonder if Eric Swalwell was not on board to his agenda. dunno

Just some thoughts.

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When Noriega fell it was well documented that he had a huge archive, going back many years, of blackmail material on U.S. politicians. The C.I.A. destroyed it .

Trump's sycophants and the fear and control he has over most Republican Senators and Congressmen (even though he is washed up now) are fascinating.
He has made ever effort to surround himself with people who will do anything he tells them to do . Hopefully, he has no control over SCOTUS although time will tell. His reputation for stabbing his servants in the back when it suits him is notorious.

Reminds me of Ross Perot and his accusations against Bush and the C.I.A. using blackmail with altered photos! HMMM! Maybe not so wild crazy after all?
Raph...thumbs up

It does make sense I will say.


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