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The Eagle & The Condor Prophecy

A 2,000-Year-Old Message For The Future

The ancient Eagle and Condor prophecy is a beautiful and interesting legend that reveals future changes in our society.
It’s not only a message for the future and the changes that are bound to happen, but it also tells what happened in the past, and how human societies split into two paths.
It tells the story of conflict, but also peace and re-union.

Both of these magnificent birds are powerful symbols in Native American mythology.

The Eagle

To Native Americans, the Eagle – representing the North - is a symbol of courage, wisdom and strength, and is associated with masculine energy, and focus of the mind.
We must treat him with respect.
He is sacred because he can fly highest of all birds and is therefore closest to the Great Spirit

The Condor

Representing the South – Native Americans consider the condor to be a sacred animal that was - and still is - admired as a symbol of power and majesty among many tribes and is considered, by some, as the King of Birds, because he embodies the four cardinal virtues of wisdom, justice, goodness, and leadership. He is also deeply connected to feminine energy and the softness of the heart.

The Eagle And The Condor Prophecy – New Level Of Consciousness For Humanity

It is a 2,000-year-old message for the future.
"When the Eagle of the North flies with the Condor of the South, the spirit of the land will re-awaken".
- Inca prophecy.

The ancient prophecy tells that after people have decided to split, one group following the Eagle, and the other the Condor, these two paths will not meet for many years.
When they do, then will begin a new level of consciousness for humanity.
During this time, people will reunite.

The Eagle and the Condor prophecy brings together the individual and the community.
Thus, we can look at the Eagle and the Condor as two individual birds, - or two individual people - that come together.
The Condor is telling us, with its great intuitive sense, that we are creating a nightmare now and, looking at the condition of the world, one can only agree.

hmmm daydream

Comments (21)

Hmmm Eagle the masculine
Condor the feminine
Where does if it does the hawk
enter the arena?
Is the hawk considered chaos or neutral objective soul search?
Or is it a representation of our attitudes
and how we get along with one another?

As so many are on edge trying to justify their stance on relationships and social order and making philosophical observations of how people get along is the hawk the observer of the human condition waiting to offer a solution to all our problems.
Or should we look to the dove as its associated with peace and goodwill? confused
Just to clarify, this story is an Inca legend - south America - and their sacred spirit animals.

The hawk is not.

The highest level of perception is the Eagle's, where you can see things from another perspective and find answers to problems.

At that level, we are 1% matter, and 99% spirit/energy.
Btw..the above story was translated from the Quechuan language.
Embedded image from another site

Part of the legend: "When the North and South come into balance, we will have peace.
From a Peruvian Messenger Willaru.

Now it is time... The Aquarian Age is an era of light, an age of awakening and an age of returning to natural ways. Native people speak with the Earth. When consciousness awakens, we can fly high like the eagle, or like the condor...heart1
This video doesn't open.
I don't have much luck either with videos.sigh

Maybe you should just put the link?
Not part of the legend but I got these pictures of some California Condors on Navajo bridge in Northern Arizona.
The bridge crosses the Colorado River in part of the Grand Canyon. They are making a nice comeback from near extinction. I saw about a dozen of them.
Embedded image from another site
Wow Sonny..condors in Arizona? wow

Yes, they are on the verge of extinction.sigh

They only reproduce every two years.
They seem to be doing well as long as they don't put any wind turbines nearby. Several in the shaded area.
Embedded image from another site
Soony..they must be ordinary vultures, as condors are much bigger and live up the mountains.
I'll admit they seemed smaller than I expected...........but there is this:


Here is the song I was trying to post hopefully some here might appreciate it as it was rather popular when most here were in diapers and others dancing to this while cruising in a VW van
Here is a video you might appreciate as well
Lovely video of the condors flying.
And the music is nice too! smitten
The other song "the age of aquarius " was during my time when I first went to live in England.

I was a free spirit then...i had just found my freedom...cheering
Wow..Soony, interesting info! thumbs up

So those condors are actually protected.
Pledase stop with the BS. There is no such prophesy. This crap was invented by VP Cheny's people to whip up support for the not justified invasions of Afghanistan and Iraq.
ken calm down man ,,,, and it was vultures that invaded iraq and afghanistan ,,, only after the oil ,,,
sadly dani ,,both those cultures were wiped out by greed , as are most nations treated the same way ,,
it is wealthy people that do the damage across the planet ,,,
if those birds had laid golden eggs they would have become extinct long ago ,,
Hi Ed ...
There are many facets to every

Maybe some did lay golden eggs after all?

The Californian condors are now protected species.
if they are protected then ,,more the reason for some rich bored individual to desire one ,, probably in dubai ,,
You're right Ed, they keep and breed hunting birds.

But...condors are scavengers and wouldn't be any good to them.

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