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Jericho March from Washington, DC

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That standout black guy on the speaker list is an interesting guy. He calls himself Ali Alexander now. but his real name is Ali Abdul Razaq Ackbar. And hes a felon, for car Burglary and Credit card Fraud. Here are his Mug Shots.

Embedded image from another site

Embedded image from another site

He joined up with Laura Loomer in trying to suck money out of the gullible last year to not a great amount of success, mainly because he couldn't actually give any evidence of the corruption they were sniffing out bar sitting around in a hotel and videos of them walking around with "bodyguards."

He's hit the big time in the last month or 2 however as he has somehow risen above the hundreds of other people screaming that THEY were saving the Republic to somehow become one of the voices of Stop the steal. He suddenly has a tiny bit of power and its going to his head. Right now he is having twitter fights with other grifters who are reminding people he is a con man.

So, ya, there is no way that march is going anywhere, and neither are your dollars.

The Best criminals coalesce around The Impeached Lame Duck.
Yes, who would have guessed, everyone has a past. I'm guessing, Sir_T you are a perfect human being who has never fell short at any point in your life? Because all you seem to wish to do is throw shade and spitefully cast aspersions at every opportunity. You're a very angry person. A poor way to live. But God bless you all the same. Because i don't wish that on anybody.
Firstly, you are REALLY defensive. I never said anything about the other speakers.

Second, I bet you were saying "everyone has a past" when George Floyd was killed. Buuuulll sheeeeeet. You were screaming he was a lifelong criminal and deserved it because of a prison term 10 years ago and you cant trust him and once a criminal always a criminal and the cop were obviously right and blah blah f*cking blah

The difference, by the way, is that Floyd reformed, and Ali is still on the con. he was the first t call into question Harris's Americanness due to her skin colour, by the way.

Like every cultist you are all about attacking the messenger as you can''t stand any pricks in your worlf view, becasue deep down you have doubts and cant deal with them.

2 of the organizers are criminals. Ali and Flynn, who I remind you was so odious Obama warned Trump not to hire him. You can deal with that or you cant. It does not matter to me that much.
"You were screaming he was a lifelong criminal and deserved it because of a prison term 10 years ago and you cant trust him and once a criminal always a criminal and the cop were obviously right and blah blah f*cking blah"

I never said anything remotely like this. What the fúck is wrong with you? And i just pointed out what you love to do - try to demean and derail by looking for the most negative thing you can discover in relation to something. He was but one person of MANY who spoke, but when you're filled with hate you'll find a way to pour it on to the page. Anyway, back to the event itself. General Flynn's speech was very powerful:

T is a racist who doesn't think blacks deserve a second chance.scold
And i was very moved also by Archbishop Vigano's words
Yes, the speeches of traitors tend to be.

Anyway, not sure if it was this rally or the other one down the street, but the MAGA cult is now in full fledged Cannibalism mode. They booed Ben Shapiro and Charlie Kirk, and demanded right wing supremo and self-proclaimed “white majoritarian” Nick Feuntes speak, before chanting "destroy the GOP."

Link contains video of the crowd chanting.

The monster the GOP created has turned on it.

If you want a good solid lying right wing source, you cant do better than the Washington Times to confirm.

Again, video in the twitter link.

i see that the stones are being thrown from glass houses across the Atlantic again. T, tell me what's so great about your country? 1000 words or more, fluff it up for us Americans so we can be like you
Nick Fuentes is a scumbag and has no standing in the MAGA movement. Infowars Alex Jones IMO is controlled opposition, there was a very telling moment today where Jones went up to shake General Flynn's hand and you could tell Flynn did not trust him. People will always latch on to a movement, there's not a lot you can do if they do other than try to ignore them. A few too many in the MAGA movement are hoodwinked by Alex Jones though IMO. They fail to realize that he's a paid actor to try and make the conservative movement look bad.
We don't have people shouting "Destroy the GOP" and "Street party" because obnoxious racist liars tell them to.

We also don't have people screaming "FRAUD!!!" because a guy who never got more than 45% poll popularity in his entire Presidency only got around 47% of the Vote.

That was easy. Also, any claims to Irish greatness I would have made would not change the stupidity of the US disinformation industry one Iota. One thing does not affect the other.

Oh and why don't you ask Chancer here. he is allegedly from Ireland too yet he clamps his Lips on Trumps stinky Butt every day. Why? Surely you would agree that he should be clamping his lips on the a** of his own President, assuming you are intellectually consistent of course.

Embedded image from another site
Sir_T is a miserable moron. He has nothing better to do than use places like this to try and get his frustration out. He tries to slag me with an absurd Ireland-USA comparison with the complete lack of self-awareness to realize that he may as well be trying to attack himself. Pot kettle black. Self awareness level -1

For the record, Trump's current approval rating is 49%. 50% was the highest rating, in 2019. And 1st term presidents traditionally struggle with approval ratings. Indeed Trump's approval rating prior to the 2020 election was higher than that of Obama's prior to the 2012 election (in which Obama won re-election comfortably). Facts. They're pesky things.
Really? Nick Fuentes not having any standing in the MAGA movement? The MAGA crowd sure seemed to want him to talk to them as they shouted down other speakers till he spoke. Maybe you couldn't see that from 5000 miles away?

And he's the guy that lead the chant of "Destroy the GOP!" and the crowd sure seemed enthusiastic to let him lead them. Or maybe you don't actually have a f*cking clue about the MAGA movement like you dont seem to have about everything else. Perfect Standing anyone?

And of course Flynn seemed uncomfortable with Alex Jones. Jones is a competitor for those sweet MAGA bucks, and Grifters hate other Grifters. They are in competition for the same dollars, and Jones has a bigger mouth than Flynn with a bigger capacity for lying, so will attract more attention.
I'm deeply aware of the heartbeat of the MAGA movement. I'm very active on Twitter and see it on a day-to-day basis. Indeed i would say it's been over a year since i've heard Nick Fuentes' name be mentioned. And when it was it was in a negative light. So yes, he has no real standing in the MAGA movement. Perhaps that doesn't align though with what you WANT to believe about the MAGA movement, does it? It's so much easier to put that idea in your mind of the 'white supremacist neo nazis' that the fake news media indoctrinators want you to believe, isn't it? Which isn't to say that such people don't exist. They most certainly do. But they exist on the fringes and are rejected by the vast majority in the MAGA movement and i mean 99%. On the other hand, the majority on the Democrat side seem completely terrified to criticize Antifa and the violent thuggish elements in BLM. Curious, isn't it?? MAGA by and large doesn't want anything to do with the fringe far right people, yet the mainstream Left are too scared to confront the radical and violent elements on the Left. Therein largely lies the difference..
Christ you are a stupid f*cking liar. Is it that you read shit on Parler and you just not your head as you are too much of a gobshite to check them out, or do you just make shit up? Cant you understand this stuff is easy to check, and will leave you looking like a wanker when I do?

Fact, trump's popularity is DOWN since the election. Time to debunk this 3 seconds.

As for a nice track of his popularity check out this lovely graph from 538 which tracks his popularity through his entire presidency with a weighed average of all pollsters

Hes at 43% now. The peak of his popularity was April 4th at 45.2% when the USA rallied around him for Covid, and then he pissed it away by being a cockwomble.

2019? 41% the whole year.

What the f*ck are you looking at, Rasmussen? LOL, subtract 5% from the Republican number on that one and you are getting close.

You, sir, are suffering from Testosterone poisoning. Grow up..
*snort* Congratulations on reading Russian disinformation bots on Twitter, a**hole. No wonder your perceptions are so warped and you don't have a real clue. Nick Fluentes had the MAGA crowd wrapped around his finger, and they DEMANDED he speak.

And the sad thing? You claim I'm clueless, yet I am always right.

Maybe you should start questioning your Russian twitter friends rather than the world that keeps disproving your shit.
Rasmussen is the only nationally recognized poll when it comes to approval rating. Facts. Again. Pesky things. Five Thirty Eight polls were so far off what actually happened in the 2020 elections that they were a cosmic embarrassment. As were almost all other 'mainstream' polls. Which means most people believe most of these pollsters are full of shít. For the record almost all of them predicted strong gains in the House of Representatives for the Democrats. In reality the complete opposite was true. A key talking point post election was how embarrassingly INNACURATE most polling outlets were. Carry on with your delusions, though.
Sir_T, respectfully, you're out of touch with reality. I AM IN TOUCH WITH IT. I see what's going on. Now maybe your brain has been so addled with the fear-inducing propaganda relentlessly produced by those with an interest in demonization and political domination. But i don't fall so easily for that. Others? That's not for me to say.
LOL! Did your Stupid Twitter Russian Friends tell you that? Christ you are a lemming. Rasmussen rates a C+ on 538. It's Crap!

Here's 538 Pollster ratings. FOX News polls, by the way, rate an A.

Is Rasmussen one of the most accurate Polsters like Trump says? NO! In fact it was the Least accurate in 2018. We will leave it to you to research 2020 (Hint, it was bad.)

"Rasmussen research has a Pro-GOP Bias"

Etc etc. The only one that thinks Rasmussen is worth anything is Trump and You.

ANYWAY, rather than keep beating you around the head with your own wank, I'll just go back to the march. I haven't watched this myself, but I'm quoting someone on a forum so take it for what you will

Sounds delightful. Glad Chancer is close to the beating heart of this lot. banana rolling on the floor laughing
T-bagger, take a dip and don't come out
By the way. Mr in "touch with reality," the "etc etc" in my post means there is a long list of sites showing how Rasmussen is garbage. I just posted a few to make my point. Any experienced poll watcher knows Rasmussen and Elections don't agree. That's why I brought up Rasmussen as a Joke as a crap pollster, and then I howled with laughter when you actually WERE following it.

If you are "in touch with reality," how come I'm consistently right?
Also, what the fúck is 'testosterone poisoning'? rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing Everything is intact, thank God!

The Hill leans (pretty strongly left). This is common knowledge. Anyway, everything i said is true. Regards approval, and regarding polling of the presidential election, which was the most inaccurate and fraudulent in decades, if not ever. It was a cosmic embarrassment. Which, like i said, has led most people to believe that most of these polling outlets are not accurate and are actually just paid disinformation to try and suppress the conservative vote. Richard Baris did a lot of post election analysis on the matter. He didn't get polling exactly right himself, but he was a hell of a lot closer than most of the 'authoritative' polling companies. laugh
looks like a duel between two Irishmen regarding the United States. this is weird but i'll bet on Chancer.
laugh O say can you see choir
i pledge my allegiance
a loyal foreigner beats two anti-Trumps wishing to get into a bush
I'm not sure what they're trying getting into a bush. But i'll take the compliment handshake
Dude, everything you said was false. Rasmussen has been garbage for years and the only thing 538 got wrong was a North Carolina call, and even that put it at the middle of the toss up pack. And yes I'm going to prove it by linking to it! See how that works?

Also, rather than being known the Hill is left wing for years, actual rating agencies put The Hill as Bang on center and middle of the road. Ya, I'm linking again as proving your a** wrong is so much fun.

Embedded image from another site

[quote[Overall, we rate The Hill Least Biased based on editorial positions that are currently balanced and news reporting that is low biased. We also rate them Mostly Factual in reporting, rather than High, due to previous opinion columns promoting unproven claims.[/quote[

That means they are not "left biased" at all. "WAAAHH THAT A LEFT WING RATINGS AGENCY!" oh shut the f*ck up. You just wrong. Constantly, veritably wrong.

All you have given is nothing but wank with no links whatsoever. Hell I'll just assume that Richiard Briar or whoever is talking the opposite of what you are saying, as all you know is what twitter is telling you. And twitter is lying to you.

Sorry, most people don't simply take your word for it because your word. Especially when you always come out looking like a** an events go the opposite of what you claim will happen.
i guess, the old folk's tail and bush is not available to a t-bagger as found on Wikipedia but don't ask me for the link because my security parameters don't allow access. hope that helps
That's like betting on a horse with 2 broken legs which has never won a race even when healthy. rolling on the floor laughing
t-bagger, i'm still wondering about the arrows going both ways, not that there's anything wrong with it
i'm all for stimulation but i never considered specifiv]cally left or right. up and down is good
First thing that came up when I did a search for "Old Folks tail and Bush" was this really nice photo of the 2 bush Presidents with a handwritten message from the Elder Bush. Really nice actually. W released it on the second anniversary of his fathers death. Pretty profound and a good gesture from a Son to his Father. purple heart

Ignoramus Sir_T ignores what i said regarding the House of Represenatatives. The 'mainstream' polls were drastically off And the presidential forecast was pretty far off as well in terms of margin (not accounting for the OBVIOUS IMPROPRIETY AND FRAUD grin )
one can't expect much from a simple t-bag. relax, Chancer. :)
Unfathomable. But a clear indication of where we are when apparent 'liberals' show reverence for the Bush family, a truly evil family who's inhumane actions contributed to so many of the problems the world manifests today.

God save us.
Chance, you validate a bag of leaves. leave it at that. just some American, patriotic wisdom
So, when you factor in the non existent evidence of fraud which the GOP cant prove in court, we can create imaginary inaccuracies in your head. And of course relying on the early numbers which skewed Trump.

Once again, dumbf*ck ignores the real world. Oh Rasmussen Reports had Biden up 48% to 47% in Florida. Seems even your favorite pollster was "way off" too. rolling on the floor laughing Want me to go through Rasmussen's predictions and see how accurate they weren't? Or is that treatment only allowed in your head for 538 et al? Would critically examining Rasmussen create a short in your programming? laugh

Speaking of the house races, I'm honestly not all that interested enough to go though every state just to have you change the subject or just lie your a** off with no proof, but looking at the bottom of the graph in the page you linked, 538 did actually predict a softening of the Dems house majority, just not as much as happened. Plus, the Dems have a good shot of increasing their Senate majority in Georgia, so its pretty much a wash since they keep the house anyway, and that alone f*ck Rasmussen's election predictions that there was no way the Dems would increase their senate majority.

Oh wait, let me guess, Rasmussen says Georgia is a GOP lock, right? rolling on the floor laughing You silly fool.
Bag, you're a man obsessed. how's your country doing? just asking, for America. keep throwing those stones
T, i think you're worried that what happens to us-Americans, impacts you. why don't you correct what's wrong with you/your country. have you no faith?
Dude, I'm not a "liberal," and I am able to appreciate the fact that even evil people are human.

Of course, Liberalism was historically a conservative philosophy going back all the way to Adam Smith. But then. Russian twitter and teh Fake MAGA movement wouldn't have told you that

You of course have your lips fixed on the a** of someone that was far far worse than Bush II ever was and whose family has plenty of Bad Shit on its CV. But hey, who expects consistency in the Programming of a clueless idiot?

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