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Scammers gonna scam - Trumps, Kushner & Pence launder campaign finances through shell company

It's all over the news today from various sources. For instance;

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Jim, was there a reason to state the obvious?

Why do you think trump is fighting so hard to stay in office?

I bet there are many more money the trump family stole, scam, illegally took from the U.S. government.

They always say follow the money.

One man got arrested for money regarding the wall. I bet trump got some of that money.

trump always make sure other people take the wrap and he sail into the sunset with the money.

Suckers and losers...........devil
Actually, several people got indicted regarding 'the wall' funding.
Only 32 days until Trump is no longer "so-called" president applause
and then the indictments will rain upon misdeeds done during his reign. head banger

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