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The Plot to steal the blogs

Simply post something so stupid, that it angers the sensible and inspires them to comment in protest to the ridiculous. They then get in arguments with other idiots, who support the blogging idiot.
That way, the blogger is perceived as being an idiot, but a popular idiot.
It's a technique used on here for a long time to distract from more informative blogs by others and admittedly requires personal discipline to avoid the trap.
One can not change the mind of someone who has a defective mind.
All that gets accomplished, is a waste of one's time. head banger

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The childish antics of those desperate to be seen as all knowledgable, the reality being the diametric opposite.
They are unable to debate against logic and truth so they report and delete posts, unbelievably pathetic.
Pathetic, as it is, it's intent is bait, and thus, it has been effective in luring people to focus on something not worthwhile, and thus, have them ignore what is more worthwhile. It is a negative endeavor, that has duped many.
Let us also note, some of the 'arguments' and 'support' posts all come from the same person using multiple accounts through different IPNs. LoL, a true definition of having a psychosis.
rolling on the floor laughing banana
An indicator of a multiple personality disorder ?
Hey Jim! teddybear "Look!" says I to me (and the cats), "another sane, intelligent person!"

I just had to stop in and be friendly. I'm having fresh roasted, fresh ground and brewed coffee with real cream and honey. I hope you're having something tasty too. I know two other really smart sane persons who come here. One is Jac, and there's this other fellow--and he was very funny too. Jac is still here it appears. Wish we had that other funny, smart and rational person to join in. There'd be at least four smart, rational and funny folks to interact with. When I think about it, it seems we occur here more often (as a percentage of the population) than we do in the physical world. But what would I know about population generalities from real face to face interactions? I never get out and, when I do, I'm surrounded by republicans. laugh

You know, we really must do a facetime virtual meeting sometime, or a zoom or whatever. Looks like I'm gonna be interacting remotely from now until doomsday. Might as well run with it as from it! I wonder if Jac can do that or is willing. I'll have to ask. Wouldn't it be cool to do a group virtual meet up? I think it would break the ice and no idiots can get in. Just something to think about for the folks who have been here and known each other a long time and would like to have drinks or coffee together the only way we can. In cyberspace, there is no distance at all between us. I like that thought.
Blame it on covid. ... sigh

It fills time while folks are locked down ...
typing ... ... popcorn...drinking

A great description of yourself and Dongg, Jim, you guys go on about US elections like you guys actually have some say in it all.. Read the writing of the last month people, Israel is speaking and has spoken on many issues that concern them in the world.. The US has to comply with Israel because Israel is setting up many arms/weapons deals with middle eastern countries that are coming back into line with Israel, the US economy has a lot of eggs in the arms sales basket which is never a wise thing to hang your hat on..

Take the 250 million Indian farmers protest for an example, now this is how you make your govt stand up and take note of what the people want.. have the people slow down and stop the economy then your govt will take notice or start shooting people, either way its a win win situation..
CC - It is a treat, whenever you re-appear/ cheers

Yeah, Florida has an excess of mindless Republicans. I photo copied a note that I left on their vehicles
that displayed Trump bumper stickers after Trump was elected, that read something like.

Hey Trump voter !

No thanks for helping enable, who will likely become the worst president in US history.
He's been a life-time scammer who has had multiple bankruptcies. He's been accused of multiple rapes
and many other inappropriate s*xual behavior issues. He has absolutely no experience in public service and he is a troll and a habitual liar.

You could have picked a name out of a hat and voted for someone much better.
Since you have absolutely no idea who you SHOULD vote for, you may want to do the USA a favor
and refrain from voting in the future. Apparently, you have no idea how to do critical research from reputable sources.

Get ready for a terrible 4 years of chaos and ineptness.

A concerned citizen.
Jim, you have to learn to ignore the foolish.

People will not be able to decipher the retard if you engage with their bullshit.

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