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"yes we can" played in reverse

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Wow! I wish I could say this was shocking. This should have been divulged 12 years ago and things may have been different. Not since I wore out my Led Zeppelin Stairway to Heaven album, playing that song backwards, and ruining my record player, have I heard such Satanic talk!devil Good reporting! cheers
I hear "Thank you Satan" devil
In reverse it would be,

Can we yes
nac ew sey

The UFO people often say UFO in reverse when they get upset. The shout, "O F U!" transport

Hello Loh,

There are reports that people can understand reverse talk on a subconscious level....not even knowing they are doing it. They say that phrases said....both those spoke regularly and in reverse...are connected.


....but one can argue a type of mirroring.

There are some out there that like it is said anyway. dunno

KPH....same here. thumbs up devil
Hello Robert....clever. laugh u.f.o in reverse. cheers
Those guys spend more effort hating Obama than most people spend on their lovers. confused

Ah well, lets have a bad Lip reading of Obama, a mocking of Obama that's actually funny.

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