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I did some year end medical tests and the blood work shows my sugar levels went up a notch. Halloween candy? That was a factor. Coffee, tea and soft drinks easily a major contributor.

A co-worker said he had a similar problem and his blood sugar levels are now normal since he started talking cinnamon supplements.

When researching the benefits of cinnamon, I get mixed reviews. Obviously, doctors don't want patients taking something that cuts into their control and a few videos play-down the success patients get because of the variance in brand/type of cinnamon and dosage. There's always a warning involved.

One friend said... forget the cinnamon. Control my diet... it's the second most important thing and that exercise is actually the most essential part of lowering blood sugar.

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I put a dash of cinnamin in my coffee every morning. I love the hint of it and the aroma.

I wish I didn't hate exercise.

I read an article recently about how we have evolved to conserve energy and so are primed to hate exercise.

I can't remember all of it, but suffice it to say, we fare better if activity is a part of our normal routine, rather than a task we set ourselves to do.

The WHO appears to have recognised that guidelines referring to how much exercise we do per week aren't working, perhaps because they appear overwhelming. I looked at the 250 minutes per week and immediately calculated how sore my arse would be from my exercise bike seat. laugh

It later occurred to me that spending 5/6 hours scampering up and down a mountain with a friend once a week more than covered the WHO guideline. I had also ignored going up and down the mountain once a week for groceries, renovating my flat and many more activities. Using an exercise bike is not my only exercise, it's the bit I call 'exercise' because it's not a part of my normal life activity.

The WHO guidelines, in the wake of our unusual restricted circumstances, are now suggesting we just get up and do things. We can't 'go for a coffee' with a friend, so grab a flask and walk off into the distance. We can sit on a wall, or rock two meters apart outdoors.

Cooking up a storm in your kitchen is activity, doing your housework, walking your dog round the block, whatever. Maybe try tracking how much time you spend being active and pat yourself on the back, rather than berate yourself for 'hating exercise'. It will likely be more motivating in terms of adding extra activities.

Even knitting in front of the TV involves more activity than simply sitting in front of the TV. Unravelling old jumpers and knitting socks/hats/scarves for charity could be a part of every day life.

We needn't have the mindset that exercise, or more properly 'activity' is a chore.
Treats are hard to resist so I just go cold turkey when the weight goes up. I have a standard diet that works for me. A couple of years ago I lost two stone without realising and had a great time putting on the lost stone. My goto treat is homemade apple tart with plenty of whipped cream, so the oven hardly ever cools down.

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