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An interesting case of 'judicial misconduct'

I recall being bullied in court - the magistrate saying
1. he didn't want to listen to a pack of atheists (because I refused to swear on the bible)
2. having been asked for my opinion, he ordered me to stop because my opinion was unwanted
3. on being asked again, he intervened and prevented me from answering.

I so much regret not having challenged!
I have never forgotten the bullying and intimidation.
I was 25 then, I would not tolerate it now!

Comments (3)

Oh, by the way, this court case, where the magistrate was such an odious bully, was about my then partner and custody of her two children by two previous fathers, contested by her husband and her parents. Very nasty, months of tears. A bitter confrontation with the legal system.
the lawyers (which all judge are in any event) are/have been fleecing the families of Australia using the family court act of 1975 since its advent.
Experience tells me they are a bunch of lairs that have been feeding on a high proportion of the 50,000 odd applications under the act filed annually that end up in protracted litigation. I lost my tax file number in their dirty, grossly dishonest activities, which prove occurred.

Think there has been a recent attempt to oversea the courts activities by the chief justice, which of course learned lying scumbag members of the court are blocking, I think that the current situation fargofan

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