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They had a White Christmas in the Florida Keys...

No, it didn't snow there. Cocaine was found in 'bricks' floating in Federal waters down in the Lower Keys. According to the Monroe County marine patrol, it was a find of about 74 pounds that was turned over to the U.S. Border Patrol.

It was noted a fisherman actually spotted the cocaine and notified the marine patrol. Yeah, he turned it over.

That part of the story sounds 'fishy' to me. How did the fisherman know what was floating in the waters?

There appear to be 26 wrapped packages (in the photo) or around 2.8 pounds for each package. I'm not a dealer, nor do I play one on a TV series, but I would guess each brick would/should have been packaged in one-kilo bricks... you know, so it's easy to do the math!

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Nice little score for the border patrol people, there was probably 36 packages the fisherman took 4 and border patrol staff took the other 6.. that's the way it rolls ain't it Chat;;;
I may have OD'd with that find.

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