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Any home brewer's..

Just wondering if there are any successful home brewer's out there, i want some info on a few different things in the home brew area..
First off i want to know a cheap and easy way to clean the brewing drum and the bottles, i'm picking cleaning this gear would be ok using hot water ?
Any ideas are welcome, from cleaning all the gear to water quality;; it's my first time trying to make home brew and i'm making an apple cider first off..

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thumbs up oohhh apple cider.I thought you meant beer.
wave Good Luck and Happy Holidays!
gift <- video

Great all-purpose oxygen-based cleanser. The WHY:
Environmentally safe and no-rinse, One Step can be used for both homebrewing beer and for homemade wine.

Contains no chlorine, which can leave a film on glassware and corrode stainless steel. One Step is an excellent oxygen based cleanser. Requires two minutes of contact time, no rinsing required! Environmentally friendly and non-toxic. Use 1 tablespoon per gallon of water.

Note: while technically a cleanser, One Step does have some sanitizing properties through the release of hydrogen peroxide. It can be used in no-rinse applications in most home brewing tasks.

$6.99 cleans 10 gallons or something that is comparable
I done a bit ,what do you need to know grin
That sounds like a good cleaner Ash, good for the environment and no rinsing thumbs up
Not to sure what i need to know yet Nice2, i'm going to be using proper plastic brewing bottles that are 500 or 600 ml in size.. any advice on bottling with plastic bottles Nice2 ?
I would rather use glass bottles, but just for starters i'll use the plastic bottles..
Pak n save have sterilizing powder simple to use.

Plastic bottles should be fine as long as you ensure fermentation is complete
Nothing wrong in using the plastic 500ml bottles as they have been made to withstand quite a huge pressure before popping.cheers thumbs up
the Swiss make a pretty good schnapps

The main kinds of fruit used for German schnapps are apples, pears, plums, cherries, and apricots.

The process of making Schnapps in northern Europe, particularly Austria, is a custom that has changed little over the years. Fresh fruit, grains or herbs?from apples and berries, to cardamom pods and cloves?are mashed or placed in a glass bottle to provide the flavour.

Cheers Nice2, i have seen a little section with the brewers stuff in pak n save; will have a look at their cleaning powder..
I do have the proper plastic brewing bottles Luke, a bottle that's able to with stand the gases in the brew makes a lot of sense..
Rob with my home brewer kit i can make everything, beer, cider, spirits and wine.. my brew kit is a Copper tun jobe, when fermenting it has to be kept between 18 and 30 degrees for 5 to 7 days..
I'm not sure about using real fruit yet Rob, but i do want to learn how its done;;; so much fruit goes to waste here over the summer its not funny...
Hey Ash are you an expert at home brewing beer ? I will get around to making some beer one day, its just that i have 2 cider kits ready to be brewed;; a apple cider and a passionfruit and peach cider, gonna do the apple cider first just in case i get it wrong...
I use quite lot of dried fruit in my bread, I grind dried fruit and nuts in a grinder which i clean with a cleaner that 90% alcohol. If i don't molds tend to grow inside the grinder. The alcohol evaporates and as best as i can tell leaves no residue. I buy it on eBay
Need I say it ...
But I too am a brewer myself, wouldn't be much of a witch if I weren't roll eyes
Don't mean to brag but I do stir a wicked brew... but hell will freeze over first before I share my secrets with an angry Mexican tongue
I have used iso %100 alcohol for chemical extraction, it can be easily brought from cleaning shops here. I have also seen a plant based alcohol called Acidtone, i have never used it but would like to try it one day..
NZ head Wahini pulled the plug veggie gardening no more green?

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