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For the year ender

Bringing a tinge of hope for the year that bring so much lessons, so much grief

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I can't deny the fact that the original is still the best. But being a Filipina and paying tribute to a great artist gone young, I'm sharing this. Pls enjoy as I do.
Thank you Tatami! Many times I wished I had commented on your blogs.A small group of ladies here used to be just the same way; Ladylike.
Your heart is much bigger than you are which is why we feel your special acts of kindness to us.
Best Wishes you are very dear.
Like the say you have saved the best for last!
Happy New Year 2021.
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Where is our Tatami, a flower among flowers.bouquet
Wow! Simply wow! A heartfelt thank you @Ashlander, one of the few women bloggers whom I adore and have since learned some English words. You've showered me with good words I don't think I really deserved. but yes that song is the last for this year. It's meaningful too as I consider 63 as in my twilight yrs. too. Though I hope I'd live healthy and strong till 80. Got the need to deplete the pension fund.hahaha
Thank you so much, for sharing, Tatami!... I hope you have a wonderful New Year's Eve!... bouquet And an amazing 2021!... wave
@Melody, thanks for your rare visit. At first glance I thought you're a compatriot hence I read your profile. Wishing you and @Ashlander and the rest of the CS world and the real world a better, happier, healthier, more peaceful, more plentiful 2021.danceline elephant balloons choir dance party bouquet banana cheering teddybear
maligayang pasko at isang masayang bagong taon - too late for maligayang pasko but never mind!
@Fargo, a multilingual guy. Thanks for the greetings. No not really too late in my home country, Christmas ends on Jan 6. Hence in the past whenever I visit on Christmas time, I was happy. but then I always go back to Japan broke.:laugh Wishing you the best for the coming year!bouquet cheering heart wings
Hello Tata, all that is beautiful will come your way in 2021.

@Luke, thanks for perking me up. Just like every new year, everyone hopes for a better year and a better person we are. A prosperous, joyful, healthier and peaceful New Year to you and your loved ones.teddybear heart wings bouquet cheering banana elephant
Nice song.

Hope you have a happy and safe New Year.
@LaFonda, thanks for your rare visit. It's simply nice to post in the blogs occasionally as I get to be visited by rare friends. May 2021 be kinder and safer and more peaceful to you and to everyone.elephant heart wings cheering banana
My sincere wishes for the safest year ahead full of prosperity. Some mighty beautiful pictures there.
Wishing you (and all the neglected dogs) a healthy 2021 full of love and kindness. hug
@Unfazed, @Jac, thanks for your wishes. Indeed, occasional postings make well meaning CS people visit me.grin Here's wishing you two, @Unfazed and @Jac, a better, healthier, more peaceful, more prosperous and a kinder 2021.
And to the rest who enjoyed and viewed the link may the New Year brings us the best for us and the best in us.elephant shimmy danceline teddybear cheering banana Happy New Year everyone!!!!!
Happy New Year! party
@Seafairy, thanks for this rare visit. Wishing you the best of everything for 2021 and the thru the coming New Years of your life and your loved ones.danceline elephant heart wings teddybear bouquet

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