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Watching a Kid

Ha ha my son left his 12 yr old son with me for a week. I haven't watched a boy child in almost 50 years. When the divas were little I was younger and still in the working force with much more energy or patience than I have as a retiree. I was a bit scared at first. The family left ALL the Christmas leftovers with me since my man child eats a LOT. That actually does my heart good is having a good eater in the house since I have to fight with the tiny furball to eat, she hates to be bothered with eating.

So far it's been fun. I give him an early morning chore and when he is done he can do anything he wants all the rest of the day. Mostly he wants to game, which gives me time to game. Him on the comupter and me mine. Then we watch a movie together. I get to enjoy his laughter. At dinner time he cleans his plate, that makes me very happy. Also nice to have someone to cook for.

He also talks my ear off but I can deal with that, harsh as it is. Crappy Pandemic keeps me from taking him places so we are stuck in the house with each other. He begged to stay with me which makes me feel mighty special.

One day my son texted to tell me to make sure he joined a zoom program for learning and I said No Way Jose - I'm not a practicing disciplinarian, I'm just a Nai Nai that gets to spoil her grandchild and I"M loving it.

I'm only 3 days in - hope it keeps going this well. Today I'm going to teach him how to play backgammon.

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awwww. Very sweet. Enjoy your time together. thumbs up
My ex is spending the week with her granddaughter and they both are addicted to TV.
Perfect match!
Backgammon is a great game, very easy to learn but very difficult to win, takes a very logical mind to play well. I love playing, used to play in tournaments many years ago. Have fun teaching your
This kid has great strategy, I'm impressed but I will still whoop him until he gets good at backgammon.
Awesome time spent together...
Awesome time spent together...
Enjoy your time with him! They grow up so fast. wave
Oh this is what being a grandparent is all about. I was a tough strict Mom but I always told the kids I will NOT be strict on their children and I never have been, that's a parents job to be strict.

My son packed a bag of snack with a lot of candy (I hid the candy) When my son comes to pick up his son, then I'm giving the kid all the candy.

Sneaky me.
That's what I call "style"... Bravo!... laugh laugh laugh
My mom used to chain me to the tables leg cos i was hyper active. laugh
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