I was out running errands and saw a guy walking his dogs. Not your usual breed. These were Greyhounds. Two of them with long leashes and he was jogging enough for them to do more than a trot. If I decide to get a dog again it might be a miniature Greyhound.
They are so sleek that they appear to be moving when they're not!
For years, gambling and dog racing has been legal in Miami and my dad used to make frequent visits one of the many tracks. My (first) wife and I went once to see what it was all about. I suppose you have to spend time going over the dogs and history to make a good choice. I really had no interest in the sport.
On the way out of the parking lot we saw trucks that were used to transport the dogs. There could be as many as 8 cages per truck. Each cage was designed to hold one dog and the lockable doors had louvers for ventilation.
Out of curiosity, we got up close and could hear some of the dogs inside their cages.
Some young kids from the neighborhood gathered around one of the trucks and you can hear their excitement as one kid remarked "Dems racin' dawgs"
Hearing that, my wife and I laughed and to this day if the subject of Greyhounds comes up, you can be sure one of us will say "Dems racin' dawgs!"

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I'd like to see horse racing go the way of dog racing one day. head banger
Minpins make a fantastic pet with great personalities. Please please rescue one.
A miniature Greyhound...?

Do you mean a Whippet? laugh

Both are nice natured dogs who require little exercise and take up little space. Even Greyhounds run round like eejits for half an hour twice a day then curl up like a turd in the softest, warmest place they can find for the remaining 23 hours. The only way their size is an issue is if they're reluctant t move from the middle of your bed.

I have a thing about Lurchers myself.

Lurchers came about when Henry VIII designated the New Forest (Hampshire, England) his private hunting ground. Poachers started crossing their hounds with fluffier dogs like Collies to disguise their distinctive shape. That way they would be less obviously poaching than they would with a traditional Sight Hound.

I should warn you that they are incorrigible thieves. Generally, they don't damage your property, but it might be three days before they tell you where they've kept your mobile phone, or wallet safe for you. laugh
There used to be a dog track in Wisconsin but I think it closed a while back. On their concourse was
a counter where you could apply to adopt an older Greyhound that was unable to race anymore. I always
felt bad for those poor old dogs.
Lure coursing is more fun...

I think lure coursing for babies should be a sport, but instead of plastic bags the bait should be mum's mobile phone. giggle
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