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Safe and Content in SA

At this present moment most Caucasian folk feel quite safe in South Africa.

On the one hand we have a radical political party (Economic Freedom Fighters, EFF} that has a policy of chasing all the whites into the sea when they come into power.. help uh oh

On the other hand we have the liberal ruling party called the ANC that has put a ban on everyone using the beaches,,,,banana applause tongue

What more can we all ask for in these troubled times?

Presently we (the minority) have no worries in the world...peace

rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing

All in good humour...

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Safe and content here too.
I dodged a huge snowstorm.hug
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You have enough problems in your own country and that’s why you don’t go meddling into other people’s country politics grin

Stay safe, Lukeon bouquet
Ashlander wave

We got about 8” of snowfall yesterday. While Art and my son were out shoveling, MiMi was sitting comfortably on the couch, with a thick blanket over her feet and sipping hot cocoa! grin

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wise words from a wise
Thank you. May you and all yours have an amazing 2021 filled with all the things a lady always dreams about. (not sure what that will be but its yours)dunno laugh

Ash, with a weather chart like that you might as well be sure that i'll perish without having covid19. I'm more afraid of icy weather than I am of death. Enjoy your day there if possible,coffee2 coffee2 coffee2 coffee2 snowed in
That is my primary concern about temporarily leaving my 91 yr old father.The previous lighter snowfall he went out shovelling and there is a maintenance man
for that.(family there is giving me a respite break).

thank you for sharing your family!
Happy Holidays!
Enjoy your deserved respite Ash.happy place
L, sad but likely valid info, on the one time educational, strategic, food, diamond and mineral basket of the region. It gets more valid, and much worse, when one considers the former Rhodesia.
Another former bread basket, now a similar ueber corrupt majority led basket case.
Does anyone see similarities in BLM and antifa core sensibilities? Decades of minority/Dem ruled US urban centers.
Cautionary tales, for anyone who can get truly woke, and smell the coffee, no?
Hi Vier,
If one really wants to go down that morbid road then the more than 50 beheadings in Mozambique are more worrying. Which main stream media seems to avoid. The militants turned a football pitch in a village into an "execution ground", where they decapitated and chopped bodies.
Several people were also beheaded in another village.The beheadings are the latest in a series of gruesome attacks that the militants have carried out in gas-rich Cabo Delgado province.
But now is the season to be jolly?dunno confused
Hi Luke

Chief of police warns you better be in bed by 09:00, else I'll make room for you.

The president requests that we light a candle at midnight.

What the bleep do they want us to do?

laugh wave
*09:00 should read 21:00 grin
Diova, it is wonderful to read comments from the ladies we miss.

I have been thinking of Ekself and her son
this year as well.

purple heart
Stay Blessed!

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