Happy New year hmmmm

To start happy New year to all.
My new year morning started exactly the same as every other morning, half asleep kettle on, feed the cats to shut them up and testing bloods, nothing different. With my first cup of tea I plonk my Arse on the sofa and before the cup can touch my lips all hell breaks loose. I feel a slight movement on my shoulder and hair and flicked my hair of my shoulder and heard a delicate thump and scratching omg a mouse somehow it had slipped onto my shoulder when I sat down. Now the fun and games began trying to catch it, round and round the sofas and chairs until it leapt into a slightly open drawer. Gotcha. No it then starts running between the drawers as everything is tossed out of them. I will not be beaten so the front door is flung open and the chest of drawers put out on the step, yes its cold what does the mouse do, it plays peeppo with me. I'm pleased so say after about an hour it decided to live ourside and not in the drawers.
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Chasing your guest into a chest of draws and then shoving the said piece of furniture out of the front door is taking social distancing a little too seriously, if you don't mind me saying. laugh
Jac the mice drive me bonkers im convinced i get them out the front door and the cats just catch the same one and bring it back in.
He'll be BAAACK! They're persistent li'l critters.

I just refuse to trap them.
It's time to get a cat! professor
I knew a guy who got a Hav-a-Heart® live trap - He'd catch 'em & put 'em outside.
After awhile, they began to look, well ... Familiar & he suspected he was catching the same critters repeatedly.

He marked 'em with small dots of paint & kept taking the beasties farther & Farther away.
They'd return from at Least 1/4 mile (400 m) away.

Kinda remarkable, really.

I believe the recommended distance to take a mouse after you've caught it in a humane trap is a mile.

I used to live near a river and get all sorts of creatures in my garage. I had to postpone a clear out one spring/summer so as not to disturb a dormouse. I thought it might nesting in a mattress I'd put in there in late winter.

I wasn't too happy abut having to keep the mattress for over a year, but frequent appearances from a protected species more than compensated for that.

When I eventually thought it was okay to move the mattress, there were no signs of a nest in it. In fact there were no signs of a nest anywhere in my garage. I kept dried dog food out there in a closed container, but maybe there were crumbs on the floor I couldn't see, or fully sweep up. dunno
On a box containing a live trap, I remember it saying to let them lose at least 2 miles from one's home.
It did not state how far from other people's homes. laugh
Well th a explains a lot as I literally just put them out side the door.
Seafaring I've got three cats, its them that are bringing me the presents.
Rodent and garden songbirds bird lovers all. Always adored cats. Why, braised in oil with lots of garlic, they taste even better than chicken.
My cat is the same Emmy, its responsible for bringing mice into my place to.. It will bring in birds, baby rabbits, frogs, lizards and mice inside if i don't watch it;; then my cat will just play them to death..
hmmmmmmm happy new year
There are hay bales near by and i some time get few mice so i take then for a drive and let them go elsewhere

You'll need bigger traps for your cats but these are the three mouse traps i use. Try eBay...

The smaller trap with glass window recently caught three mice at the same time, they now reside elsewhere

happy mousing

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Embedded image from another site
Miclee they do that to me even dump the dead ones on the table.
Ive found that they love icing sugar and it seems to send them into gaga land so they are easy to pickup but i need to deposit them further away.

Your cats bring you gifts and food. They are very caring. heart1
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