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Thanks for posting this.

Trump and his cohorts in this venture deserve to be brought up on multiple counts of negligent homicide.
Our own Boris dithered about herd immunity versus lockdown for long enough that covid became out of of control.

It was only a couple of weeks delay as I understand it, but were suffering the consequences of that with nearly 75,000 dead.

We're back to nearly 1,000 dying every day as we were during the first peak in April; about 1 in every 26 people have had a confirmed infection (not including those who self-isolated with symptoms without being tested, or those who were asymptomatic); we have this new variant spreading like wildfire; and most of the UK is back on Tier 4 restrictions (stay at home).

The whole of Wales is on Tier 4.

I also read somewhere that the new variant may have originated in the US, although it was the UK that called it.

Our protocols regarding contact/quarantine and restrictions are ever changing, complicated, seemingly illogical and chaotic. It seems like our government just dabs the brakes in a bid to keep our National Health Service at breaking point, rather than exceeding it. It surely takes advantage of the dedication and tenacity of our healthcare workers.

If it's true that Trump's intent was herd immunity through infection rather than incompetent handling, it begs questions of our government's strategy.
Herd immunity is a young man's game, salvation for a youth doomed to provide old age a security at the expense of all our liberty. As if taking out a million loans in their name wasn't enough they now have to literally fight for the right to party.
It's the women and the old people that Trump has pissed off. His own supporters are in the position of an old woman kept by her young relation. Trumps mistake is to stand against the interests of the women and the old people in the effeminate, late-stage of the culture where childhood is sacked in favour of a good old f*cking wallow.

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