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Living Under lock Down

For weeks now I could not use my kek bord ,untill this evening .
Does not matter I use to wait 2 weeks for a letter from from my wife <may she rest in peace> before I had an answer from her., Now my key bord was not working I felt as if I was cut off from the world,,
I say to Fly we must think about this some more.

Happy New Yaer every one, May all your dreams get beter, Here s to life, Here,s to you.

Walk good all

Ps, our worlld is not flat i want to know what is happening to you on the other side,Pleases talk to us., we have an open mind.

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im sorry its hard on everybody, i just lost my x husband. we r on semi lock down,just doing nessesicties. well get over this bit there are bad days stay stronghandshake
The second and third youtube links were both the same, Fly.

Did you have a third song in mind that I can post for you?
Ham, I do understand your lost.
For me it was like my hand was gone, I know this
Yet at times I can still feel this hand. that I HAD LOST.
MY hart is with youteddybear

One love and Walk goodhug
Jac Happy new year

My heart is glad to see you here. <there is still hope>lol.

We are under lock down here in Holland I go to work<outside> shoping for food and home that is my life now, mave not seen my dauthers and grand kids in months,

I think we have many storyes to tell <with songs>
Please walk good and one love..cheers
I didn't see my daughter and grandchildren for four months earlier on in the year, but now I can look after them if my daughter has extra shifts and make the occasional social visit.

I'm sorry to hear you can't see yours, but this won't last forever. hug

I like this one. Dance with me. dance

Who knows Jac an evening out onder moon light dancing the Tango ?

I'm not sure anyone would want to post our grandma & grandpa version of that on youtube, but I'm game laugh
People of the world suffers as the privileges of the few make a mockery of the virus.

I am so tired of this stay at home, doing nothing, being alone, pandemic syndrome. devil

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