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Sexuality...of the human sort...

....and for starters.... the human s*xual displays and responses....
I like to start with our animal cousins for clues, whenever I (rarely, oh so genuinely VERY rarely) ponder these issues. After all, just look at the ENORMOUS physiological energy placed in so called s*xual selection. Darwin knew. Oh peebles, don't doubt it one tiny bit. Ever caught the acts of male and female peacocks/Guinea fowl?
How could this not apply to us hairless apes? And I do not digress. But first our morning constitutional. On which there's always plenty to see on topic, both for humans and canines alike, I'm here to say.
Why, I'm getting all dolled up for the action right now, over strong coffee.. Bravo is always ready. So, where was I?
Yes. Our morning walk along the 5 Km river trail. Starts at the town landing harbour boat launch area, and goes almost to the head waters of the 'Pass some gas Woke yee og' river. Overall, not a bad idea from the town's ueber liberal tax and spend other peoples' money, wanker crumbs on the city council. Contributes to the health of the tiny percentage of mostly woke vegan virtue signaling types who actually use it. And may even help tourism. But, heck, if I didn't bring this up, woundn't really be the VIERK, now wood I.
A pleasant jaunt, and at various places, in season, one sees green dolphins, other jumping fish, harbor seals, beavers (animal and human sorts), otters, birds---ospreys and eagles are our favorite, and lots of flora, edibles and poisons alike, including mushrooms, lambs quarters, dandelions and fiddle heads. and such.
But it is the humans that I pleasure in dressing for and watching meself.
The females....
And, the men.
All say so much merely with their strides and garb. Not to mention their doggies. Rarely, even a few cats are seen walking along with harnesses---a real statement in itself. I once had such a kitty, but sadly, in the heat, long walks brought on generalized seizures. So in time, we had finally to give it up. To continue...

The women---Coif's, perfumes (ever smell too much?), Maquillage, tights, nails, cleavage open enough to sink a submarine in, that wiggle in the walk, giggle in the talk---all make the world go 'round.
The men---just watch John Travolta, in Saturday Night fever. Or the gun rack back windows of the real man PU trucks. But this is such a short list.

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Ah, a dolled up little florid gnomish tart, a neenish tart perhaps, a delicious thought, taste, sight? mmm What a pleasure it is to see you abstain from dropping your turdlets in any of my blogs!
As usual you said as much as usual - zero plus or minus zero, sums it up well enough. So let us see you piddling peacock display and move on. Substance none, flummery aplenty.
Ah, yes, further encouragement to help the throngs here to form appropriate opinions, as to Knight and Knave.. Most have likely already done so.
Except to say that as in civilized society, the proverbial brown trouts do fall into the toilet, their dedicated true initialm place of deposit. Please never remove your John from CS.
Save for most of the PRC and other fake Commie States,---so you are correct in some sense.
Thanks, FJ, our good friend. Now THAT's what we're talking about.
For starters, as a real runt, I can wear all sorts of shoes on the walk. Sandals or height lifting serious backpacking boots?
Only my shoe closet knows for sure.
......Vie. take a good look at that brid dance, , Then picture your-slef going on a dait with a woman for the frist time.
or you are going to see your boss for the frist time. Then we can ask oursleves .How do we want people to see us?
Thanks. Right on target, FJ. Going to walk Bravo, then will return with some more observations on topic.

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