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the bell's ringing. the sexy, oiled, bronze ladies walk the ropes raising their hands high. how many rounds in this fight? so many sexy ladies in lycra hot pants. they strut, hip clicks left to right. those metallic boots seem to ignite those sexy ladies' legs. who cares about the two dudes battling it out. let's focus on those sexy ladies...

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The 1st sentence is the best click-bait I've seen here in quite awhile... grin

I must have missed the build up confused

Who's fighting this time and what belt is up for grabs

rolling on the floor laughing
I assure you my body is not oiled nor sleek. laugh
sexy ladies ? ...... I thought you were Gomer!
As long as it.involves scantily clad ladies with bronzed oiled bodies - Who the Hell Cares?! ... banana

Mic, gotta love the sexy ladies
Raph, i have no time for you. have a nice day
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Medical slang for a patient who "has lost--often through age--what goes into being a human being" (quote from Samuel Shem's "The House Of God"). Typically an old demented noncommunicative patient. Stands for "Get Out Of My Emergency Room".

I wish that gomer in room 3820 would stop moaning.

by Dr. Joe August 10, 2004

rolling on the floor laughing
Didn't mean to be that cruel. rolling on the floor laughing I was thinking of Gomer Pyle or maybe of Goober.confused I was aware of that ER term though.scold
ThIs OP loves to create lots of expressive blogs ,tolerant of all sorts of off the wall comments, followed by deleting all of them in a single moment. Subsequently, many drunken rages are posted and deleted all in the space of a few days..
Where's that sexy Gomer Pyle?
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