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The Whale that knew something that the woman didn't, and protected her

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It appears she had a 'whale' of a good time!
animals care more about humans, than humans do,,,,
Amazing. thumbs up
c - good one. thumbs up laugh

e - in some cases that is certainly true.

L - I'm glad you enjoyed it.
Cetaceans are very beautiful and intelligent animals.
Many have rescued people drowning.
A search only found one documented instance of a whale saving a human from drowning
and that was a beluga whale in captivity, who is used to interacting with humans;

Perhaps you were referring to a legend about a particular whale, where no actual evidence was ever found to support the legend ?
I was thinking about dolphins and maybe some orcas, and not whales.
She really has a special connection with whales! thumbs up
Nice story. thumbs up
Dan_ Perhaps porpoises. They've definitely protected people from sharks.... I wouldn't trust a wild orca, if I were you. My guess, is that they'd be more likely to drown you, and eat your liver. uh oh

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