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Avoid Aetna/CVS/Accendo

I would forward my issues with Accendo direct to corporate, but it seems they hide their email so no one can contact them.
According to on line, CVS has bought Aetna insurance and their Accendo subsidiary. I have had so much of a fight to pay my premiums, I would hate to file claims.
Boomer got me into Accendo. I authorized a plan G medigap policy. After a bit of juggling, I got it set up to do mail billing and quarterly.
I got a bill for October and paid it by check for $123.03 on Oct.31. This was to cover Nov.
I got a bill for 3 months which I didn't notice was from Nov to Jan1. I sent a check for $246 to pay for 3 months. It actually was for two months.
Boomer got notice my insurance was NOT paid and I was canceled. I was emailed a re-instatement form and told to stop those checks. Which I did. It cost me $60 for the two.
I got re-instated and Accendo said they got the 246 check the previous day...two months later. The 123 check has never turned up. The message menu says mail is delayed. For THREE months?
I told Boomer it is not paid because I canceled that check. They came back with Accendo says paid. Bank said they sent it back. UNPAID.
I called Accendo. Hold time. Tried later, got through after 20 minutes and her computer wouldn't work, call back. I succeeded at 5pm, no hold time.
This was Dec. 30,2020. I told him not paid and I want to do a 6 month payment. That would cover the past 3 months , pus next 3. He took all my bank numbers and said he was doing a draft form for $782.82. And that I should call my bank to make sure it went through. I did and bank said of course.
I checked with bank after New Years. No draft submitted. On Jan 6 I got a bill for...NOV. Dated the 30th. And on the 7th a notice dated the 31st, canceled due to no payment.
So they bill one day and cancel the next?!
I called Jan. 7th, held and got person. Told info, hold for other rep. Hold, and second rep said hold for third rep! Finally after a total of a half hour, spoke to a guy. He said he found nothing but that I talked to someone on the 30th. He had no other info because not his department, went to communications dept. He couldn't find out info for draft.
I called bank, no draft has been submitted. If I want to cancel, costs me another $30.
So far I have paid by check, $123.03, $246, and by draft $782.82.
All I have gotten is another re-instatement form will be sent. What good is it when accounting never accepts nor credits payment.
According to complaint sites, CVS is living up to its rep of ONE star.
What do I have to do? Go to the building, find accounting, put the cash in their hand and take them to the bank and help them to deposit it?
I got a call from my agent. She said because policy was canceled, draft never went through! The guy that took it was an idiot. I said get me a new company, I have had it! She said oh, do a re-instatement for now cause it will take a month to get other company. NO. How would I pay, take 3 months to get a month policy. Checks are canceled, draft is non existent..not giving Accendo a dime again. They cost me $60 as is for basically one month coverage back in Oct.
So will go back to old company Manhatten that now is cheaper than I paid before.

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