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The Official Wildcard Weekend NFL Playoffs Blog & Contest

Today & Tomorrow there will be 6 NFL playoff games, 3 in the NFC and 3 in the AFC.
The winners will move on to battle in the next round.

Here is your chance to display your deductive skills and abilities to most accurately predict
the outcomes. The one to score the most points will be declared the Wildcard Winner.
The resultant total scores will also all move onto to the next round of the playoffs each week
until the winner of the Superbowl happens at which point a 2021 CS NFL champion will be crowned.

For this week here are the rules.

1. You can place your guess on each team once. Changes are not allowed.
First guess only counts. You can guess on all of the games, some of the games, or none
of the games. Your choice.

2. The last opportunity to make your guesses count is 1/16/2021 12:00 pm high noon eastern standard time
(that's in less than 3 hours people !)
Any guesses after that will not be counted.

3. First you guess the winner of each game. You get 25 points for each correct guess
and 10 points is subtracted for each wrong guess (least amount of points is 0, no net negative tally).

4. Then you guess the scores for both teams in as many of the 6 games that you like.
You get 20 points minus the difference between your guess and the actual points scored by that team (least amount of points you get is 0 on each guess, no net loss of points for this category).

5. The total points you have earned decides your ranking the 2021 Wildcard Weekend Championship, awarded Monday, and will also be added to your totals after the next round, next weekend.

Here are the Wildcard Weekend games;

1. Indianapolis Colts at Buffalo Bills

2. Los Angeles Rams at Seattle Seahawks

3. Tampa Bay Buccaneers at Washington Football Team

4. Baltimore Ravens at Tennessee Titans

5. Chicago Bears at New Orleans Saints

6. Cleveland Browns at Pittsburgh Steelers

Good luck to all ! Have fun !

Comments (5)

Here are my picks;

Bills over Colts,

Seahawks over Rams,

Buccaneers over Washington,

Ravens over Titans

Saints over Bears

Steelers over Browns

Colts 17
Bills 27
Rams 20
Seahawks 27
Buccaneers 31
Washington 16
Ravens 23
Titans 20
Bears 13
Saints 27
Browns 24
Steelers 27
I didn't look through the whole process.

I'm just glad that a football team with the ridiculous PC name of FOOTBALL TEAM made the Playoffs.
I hope Football Team goes like a House Afire ('til they play the Packers).
But if that ends badly, having Football Team win a Super Bowl would be cool grin

cheering FOOTBALL TEAM! ... yay

It's been suggested they Keep that name, but with Slight modification -
Washington Team of Football

Their three letter designation on score/standings boards would be - WTF

Their full name is Washington Football Team. In a way it is smart.
While we have the NY Giants AND the NY Jets, now no other football team can start in Washington.
Football Team II.

I got the Bills game right and their score exactly right.
I missed the Colts score by 7 though. Still. Not bad.

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