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I haven't heard a good 5G conspiracy theory in a while...

With all the politics going on, it's been months now. Surprisingly one came along this week. Get this... 5G microchips are in the new covid-19 vaccine. I don't know what they are supposed to do but the whole idea is verrrrry cool... ya think?

My question: Are the batteries included in the booster shots 3 weeks later?
I won't tell the source but someone already warned me about taking the covid-19 vaccine because of this and I thought about the difficulty of administering an injection of just one (invisible to the naked eye) microchip per person from a vile that contains enough shots for 30 injections.

How is this impossible feat accomplished?

Are the chips floating in suspension or does the bottle require constant shaking, just like the Sherwin Williams paint we buy from the hardware store?

(blog category: comedy as it doesn't qualify for medicine, health or technology)

Comments (3)

True story.
The locals here have set fire to 3 5g towers claiming that 5g is responsible for the spread of covid19...

rolling on the floor laughing
No theory....self Evident....
..and um, course of human Events...
...look at 4 g...Mr. Chat....
...produced an Entire Nations of 10( and Up
Year old ) who have basically left the room- so to speak-- for gaming, trivial pursuit, and the big XX.

Id est.) So that yesterday's child is essentially a spineless bot as he / she / trans G ware-wolf...
Enters 9th grade....and so much easier to program.
I have it from great authority. (The guy who does small engine repair down the street.) That there is no need for shaking the vaccine. The chip is inserted into the needle beforehand. Kinda explains why California is so far behind with the injections. Needle shortages.

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