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" She or He Is Too Good To Be True" "Please Be Aware"

There Is People You Meet at There, In Dating Sites, or Anywhere Looking for Targets Like You!
Many of us, Trying to Be The Best We Could, But Sometimes We Come Across,Some One , Who Will Not Stop on Nothing to Get What (She or His) Want!
They Make up Dramas of They Past, They Want Your Pity First!
They Paint a Beautiful Picture Of Them Selves!
Then You Slowly Slowly Getting Hook, Because You Find That Person <So Nice , But So Unlucky!
Then You Start Helping Them, With Anything You Could, Money, Rent Money, Groceries, Food etc
Then You Find Your Self, Too Blind to See " The Red Flags"
Red " Flags" Like TheyHave Children, But They Ex Has " Custody"
Then You Bring Them To Your Place !
Later You Find Out , That Your Expensive Possessions Are Missing!
"So Please Be Aware "
Thank you !

From Falicia

What Is Your Opinion!

head banger doh love crying confused dunno frustrated very mad conversing roll eyes scold wink blues dunno devil

Comments (14)

Always be wary I suppose. A pity life has to be like that but there you go.
I think that you're writing bollocks. Nobody is so stupid as to believe everything another human being says, without question. Nobody can be so naive as to accept all the things that another person is doing.

You make yourself the victim and blame 'them' for taking advantage - I know bad things happen to good people but you reap what you sow... Don't be such a target and you won't get hurt!! wine
I can assure you I am quite real. Come and get it ladies! kiss
My opinion if it matters..
Being deaf does not go hand in hand with blindness.

Most taken for a fool even whilst being blind did hear the little voices in their heads, but instead chose not to listen.
So rather then blame the other person, perhaps the ones that wronged us most, are we ourselves.. JMO wave
He's a silver fox(hole) that Dungg!!! laugh
The name is DONGG! moping
I know!! I just do it to piss you off, Dingg!! laugh
I met men (online and offline) who seemed "too good to be true", but it didn't last long - a couple of weeks offline, a little longer online. But, then, slowly I would realise that there are inconsistencies in the stories they told about their life or that they had a very difficult character or something else would appear and - the magic would vanish! It happens...
Bad Men don't hide in dark alleys anymore.

They lurk on the web, in the neighborhoods, in communities.

Be aware ladies.
Dong was my favorite character on Star Trek, the next generation. You have to remember Data became simple minded when the show ended.rolling on the floor laughing
Start with Honesty, Honesty builds Trust, Trust leads to Love.

Human nature says, lie if it brings rewards, but it never brings Trust.

It takes time to buildTrust, so don't be in a hurry.

Love will be there and it will be worth waiting for.
Hows about a suck on the bat?teddybear
Respected Falicia. angel
As we're at such a stage of life that we can understand what other side needs.
Our experience shows us what to do.
Sometimes from other side we get so satisfied that everything he or she says we admit it as fact which is not.
There we got hurt. conversing frustrated
Hope we see the factual things and get involved.
Stay Happy and Blessed. : bouquet
teddybear peace love

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