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A Perfect Storm

Living under lock down for weeks now
There was no frie works on new years eve ,only a bell ringing on the other side of this small town..
And to make matters worse The Remarkable wet himslef <sad>

Still every thing was not lost I went back to the Monkey Mountain and listend to
The Damntion Of Fasust.cheering cheering cheering

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It is a nice piece, but not when about to sleep lol
Is there actually a mountain in Holland? I see Vaalsberg ato 320m is the pinnacle of the Netherlands, quaint that it has berg in the name! Dreiländereck - Ecke does sound more appropriate
Zie my man it did not end well with poor Foust
Maybe a kind of poetie justic
After all Foust sold his soul
We had fireworks for the New Year's Eve in my town. smile

And I didn't miss The Vienna New Year's Concert on January 1st. I watch and listen to it every year. smile
Only in my head therre are many mounatins
Netherland is a very flat place and where I live the town is under the sea

the monkey mounatin is a place in my head ,
Lots of people had fireworks in their gardens for Guy Fawkes night and New Year here.

I don't know how, or what people got their hands on given the restrictions, but it was like Beirut in the 80's for hours. shock

Yes Seea, I saw the Vienna concert but part of it.
I was looking at the decoreation in side the concert hall
asking myslef Is this barok style confused
Jac it was all dark here only that one bell ringing..
Come to think of it I shouuld have listend to The Ring only its so long..cheers
An explanation the monkey mountain

Long ago I use to live in the Blue mountain I had love love living up there.
When I came to Holland in 1979 it took me a long long time to get use to the land here I miss the sea the hills and the beautful blue mountain.

years ago I came upon a book from Drick Walcott from T&T name the monkey mountain I like this book

Any way I use the trem monkey mountain because it reminds me of a happy time in my life living on the blue mountain.
If it sounded like a death knoll perhaps it was best t go and listen to something else. laugh
Which Blue Mountain?

There are quite a lot of them. laugh
@jac indeed there are, when I ride my bicycle to the top of the immediate hill I can see them there in the west, our very own Blue Mountains, blue from the eucalyptus oil, Katoomba Three sisters and all ... (not these three are visible however) . Katoomba at its towering elevation of 1017m! The intrepid explorers who crossed them in 1812 I think, hard going then, and no bicycles!

Embedded image from another site

And look at that, they even had a road and lookout point way back then!
Sissy FF men. Girly mountains. What's not to like?
Illinois is pretty flat too, but I got to live for 3 years at the base of the Franklin Mountains in El Paso TX. Some days it would be 106 degrees in El Paso and we'd drive to the top of the mountains and play in the snow. It seemed a little freaky at the time, but still fun. Then when it would rain we'd get mud slides and the roads would be full of mud. Plus we had sand storms too, the day we left we had to pack up our car and moving van in this horrible sand storm. That's why you see cowboys in the movies wearing bandanas on their face, they help.

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