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could you live in a van ???

this is not a new craze , but it has grown in popularity , and i dont mean the people who actually fake that they live in a van as there are many out there that do fake it,
but could you see yourself giving up your home comforts for life in a van ,,i can see the plus side to short term van life ,,like escaping the winter months for a warmer climate , or for taking a extended long holiday ,
so it has a few pluses but also a few negatives, and as i live in the balkans then the pluses out weigh the negatives for me ,,
taking a shower and the like are so easy as most service areas provide clean and cheap showers ...
and also the fact if you find a place that you like you can stay as long as you wish ,
so what would be the draw backs for you folks out there ,, and could you see yourself doing this ????

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Sorry, Ed, not for me!
I like my space indoors...and outdoors.

It's only good for short holidays to travel around, but not to live in permanently with animals.
hi dani .. that is where animals as nice as they maybe , become a restriction on peoples lives , i like animals but would never own one as i like my freedom to much , and being a spur of the moment person then it could never suit my lifestyle so to speak ,,
but a van for my trips would add so many pluses hence my pondering about getting one
I can't see myself doing that... dunno

Where in the Balkans do you live (if it's not a secret)? Or do you just move around in the van?
Nice blog, Ed. I've lived in 9 meter sailboats, and due to this good experience, had a chance to try life in a van. Each was less than an Earth year, and in places where there are 4 seasons, although when winter showed her face, I migrated to warmer climes. Had a big GSD or Golden Retriever in those days. Once with a partner, once without. Brief stays from guests of different calling cards, assets, and liabilities.
With the increase in unbalanced income distribution, and for those socially competent, the life style has a good deal to recommend it. The boat never seemed cramped, but the 1985 gasoline VW camper van (Westy style) did seem a bit so, in colder climes, but with the nifty tent extension, was rooomier than on the water.
Animals are part of my life, and a few times they were protective, more so by their growls, size and presence, than by ever attacking intruders. But they do restrict freedom, albeit less than some imagine.
I decided to move back into one of my rental units, where I am today, mostly because this life better maximizes the desirable, and minimizes the not so much. Still enjoy getting away for the few really colder months, and have found Portugal ideal, both mainland and Azores. Places for rent can be found for much less than purchase of even a tiny second fixed home, and the down times are often full of worry and occasional woe. More on this if folks have Q's.
In this lifestyle, I can fish, angle, have a veggie garden, be part of two communities, but in retirement am feeling the need to work again, overseas, perhaps at a different place every year or two, in different linguistic cultures. Would definitely return to the glorious and safely accommodating coast of the US Northeast for 2-3 of the warmer gardeing/fishing months. My professional training and licenses may male this possible, perhaps as a real card carrying educator, or public health geek, especially if income is not a big issue.
My tuppence, friend. two more points. The VW was an ideal and robust design for this life. Smaller is better these days. However, the original motors, especially the diesels, are underpowered, but are adaptable, especially as to heat, over air cooled models, which otherwise are better, and KISS rules, if you can find one not rusted through. But the watercooled (Boxter) engines are beset with issues, after the first 100,000 Km, most preventable, as with failing head gaskets, but are much better replace by much more dependable junk yard bought simpler/beefier power plants, More on this on inquiry.
As to life on the water, sadly, for distance ocean sailing life aboard gigs, piracy has become a real issue, but mostly in easy to avoid areas., which may be growing in number, as the rat races evolve. Books and ham radio/internet social media help here.
Best of luck, and the adventure mostly trumps the downsides.
I'm also - or at least used to be - a spur of the moment type of gal but...
Circumstances have changed where my physical mobility is not what it used to be, unfortunately.sigh

Since I cannot travel anymore, I enjoy the company of my dogs and other commitments I have taken here since.
Yes, D. I might be all wet, but perhaps due to economic necessities morphing some, for many, there seems to be a gradual move toward appreciation of ecological principles in many things of humans and our environment. Especially when we speak with many, certainly not all, younger people. This is much more than a reactive and often anger filled rejection of things political, although that is involved. It seems to be a combination of awareness of limits, combined with a growth in need for communities, of various flavors
Sure, it's all happened many times before, as with our (Utopian) back to the land hippy communes here, most of which failed. I sense this is different, less easy to describe and involves clued core values..
But one knows it when one sees it..
i could live in a van. simple. all the rest is bs
Easy to understand, CO. Sometimes I'd even be inclined to share Bravo's dog house with him. Nice to have you back into the melee.
I travelled around Europe in a Renault Camper Van, that had a shower and toilet on board, touring Italy was best as they cater for camping better than most, every town and village has a parking area with "toilet disposal" area and fresh water supply, some even had electric points. I lived in that van for almost a year, and still regret selling it when back in the UK.
The most important part is the choice of vehicle and you need to do a lot of research. Huge RVs are very comfortable but drink vast amounts of fuel, ok in North America where fuel is cheap, not so good in Europe or Asia. A small van or converted VW/Ford are cheap to run etc, but lack to some degree certain comforts. So it all depends on its usage, where you are travelling and available finances.
Oh you also need to decide where you will travel, as that also has a bearing on vehicle type, in some places, anything over the size of a Ford Transit would create major traffic problems trying to negotiate narrow streets, while a smaller vehicle may struggle to climb steep hills and mountain passes.
I'd like to do a tour of the National Parks in an RV one summer in the future,
perhaps when I am too old to play softball.
To actually live in a van for years - no thanks.
v .. you have lived a great life young man , with plenty of knowledge ,
jim,,an rv gives plenty of comfort and your camera would be in daily use in the parks ,,
riz, always nice to receive info as it all helps, and i have driven through the austrian alps it is amazing ,
and for my serbian neighbour , i live next door in bulgaria right on the black sea, and have travelled through serbia many times , and stopped and had a coffee with an amazing young serbian guy who really impressed me with his knowledge and help,,
Edison, you bring back fond memories of my old VW Kombi van and life on the road. There's definitely a sense of freedom in the lifestyle with it being devoid of the often predictable nature of living in a fixed abode. Would I do it again? I most certainly would.
I've lived in a VW van back in the day.

I'd consider a well appointed live aboard boat an option -
More room & there's more water on the planet than roads.

Lo-Cost Luxury Yacht Off Grid Cruising The Caribbean ...

@ Dani - A micro-cruiser, two people & their animal ...

aka Extreme Minimalism grin

Nice V i could live on a 9 meter sailboat, i love sailing..
I don't know about a van thou ED, maybe a really big van that can fit my dirtbike, mountain bike, diving and fishing gear in it.. but i think that's called a motorhome..

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