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Just wondering out loud.....

....perhaps I'm reading a little too much into it. But in answering the smaller subset, VERY smaller, of all the hundreds, nay thousands? of likes and notes of interest I receive here, (may the peace of Allah be upon the mod and suits of CS), I of course notice certain trends. Sure some are from easily vetted away scammers, often with a little fun involved, but oddly, most aren't.
In the chats to vet, I learn about the world a bit, and about others, and meself, via the well crafted process. Sooner or later, the question raises its ugly head, of whether a prospect, with potential, might be able to live elsewhere, trying never to restrict the choices to only the Great Satan.
In the past, there was ever a certain level of willingness to do so, within confines of inertia, sloth, family, their way or the highway, and perhaps, of course, fear and even a little patriotism. But as the world seems to present further challenges to certain lives lived in seeking and in service, I'm finding more willingness to get away from it all, usually with hats in hand. After all, now it's even more of a dating site.

Question is, of course, whence, whither and wherefore? Not digressing, nor paraphrasing. Perhaps just jiving a little.

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I picked up and in a speed-scan, in between was as usual merely Greeking but the hats was attention grabbing. I took an English challenged cohabitant car shopping one summer afternoon (she having just written off another car at red traffic lights) and in the shower that night realised the benefits of a hat on a balding pate, a hat I had not worn that day. She, wisely, had carried a black umbrella, although I wonder about the choice of colour.
But, 'hats'?
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Thanks, but no thanks. First, fake educator, VERY fake, heal thyself.
A suitable requisite for more helpful better human interpersonal interactions, at many levels. I've provided enough diagnostic clues, resting only on impressions, unlike those of many biased clinicians. Admittedly, likewise, these may have been worth the price charged. And paid.
Only then, some may be open to making nice. You might even find a real GF, one admired by others, rather than merely rationalized as mostly of lonely and heuristic value.. Benefits, all about. You'll see.
T F L R I J S G. Tootles.
v...that is why there is a big world there ,that has lessons for every one to learn from ,,maybe not always good but hey ho who knows what is around the corner ,, and you as a well versed and well travelled young man knows only to well that the world is your oyster ,,,
@ O.P.

So you want to live elsewhere ,or is that just your confusion with the many problems facing our society at present taking you on a journey.

I'm a great believer in the saying home is where the heart is. Where's yours at the moment?confused
Be happy that the blogs are like this now.
THere was a time when hate mongers and the gang were here almost every day
because of them alot of good people have gone..
Yes, you three. I've learned to practice care in thinking of the world too much as my oyster. After living in the Big Easy, and watching how they get shucked with those sharp knives
I'm already in paradise, but only for the warmer months. A bit too vanilla as well.
You appear to be too Erudite for such ..
...but -- trying to meander thru Rule 6....
Did you see Apocalypse version of the Cleveland Browns....not having TV...only saw 1st part....
Looked like a good time not to have any fans around...if you catch riverboat drift.
Such an epic beatdown....just 14 seconds in..
Thanks for the usual good thinking from FJ and AB. Hope readers get hip. I could use the same.

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