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Interrogatitus: THE NUMBER ONE Most Annoying Human Affliction

Of all the annoying afflictions that a human being can pollute the world with this has to rank as number one. And it's not even close.

I call it Interrogatitus. It's the overwhelmingly infuriating brain damaged practice of stating declarative sentences as if they were interrogative sentences. I literally want to STRANGLE someone when this verbal diarrhea comes out of their mouths. I have to remove myself from the situation lest I become a crazed felon.

I once chaired a committee to analyze a potential business venture for a company I worked for. One of these brain damaged Interrogatitus zombies was assigned to the committee by the other company involved in the negotiations. I bit my tongue for almost a month every time this mutant opened his mouth but finally could stand no more and assigned him to a subcommittee where I would not have to have any further contact with him. THANK GOD!

And it's not a trivial fact that I have noticed that every Interrogatitus zombie I have ever come across was a subscriber to a certain p******** ideology that believes in rainbows and unicorns and loves humanity but hates people. (Sorry, I know it's almost impossible to guess what the starred out word is, but it is now banned at CS so I wanted to follow the rules.)

In any event, for your fingernails scraping down the chalkboard edification I am posting the following video which I came across this morning which has to be the most nauseating case of Interrogatitus I have ever encountered (and that's going some!). By the time I got past the first 60 seconds, I was already dry heaving since breakfast had had already been lost. At 70 seconds I threw my phone in the trash after contacting the local emergency room to send an ambulance immediately.

Wanna place a bet about this chick's P persuasion? (shhhhhhhhhhhhhh, don't say the banned word!)

I should have known better when I saw the words "Empowered Woman" in the title. Silly me....



Comments (18)

Definitely annoying & down right boring. But here in America everyone has the right to be as annoying & boring.......Scratch that! I forgot just for a second that we are in the midst of an extreme round of censorship directed at ***********es & the ****h.uh oh
I held my nose and listened long enough to calculate that this babe has an Interrogatitus ratio of 8.4 to 1. For every declarative sentence she utters, she pukes out fully 8.4 more of them as if they were interrogatory.

That's the most pernicious case of Interrogatitus I have ever encountered. She needs IMMEDIATE mental health attention.
The modulation of the voice....not everyone has the gift ... disappointed there wasn't a purple Barney in the corner....or live bObcat named Chuck.
I couldn't agree more. So I exercised my right to self censor what I didn't want to see & hear and stopped the video at about the 2 minute mark. No use filling my brain through my eyes & ears with her mental illnesses.
It's a good thing (at least for the time being) we have the ability to do that.wink
WHo,what where, when and why upset you about the tiny house. Was it a woman whose incessant interest in the tiny house made you think she was referring to your genitalia? Do you live in a tiny house?rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing
Correction: referring to your genitalia AS BEING LIKE HER TINY HOUSE!
Moderator....D C unit is asking inappropriate questions ...
Home building and fixer uppers is for the obsessive compulsive who are also trying desperately to save their sad lives from their self awareness. Maybe that is why it annoys you.rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing
Building houses often drives normal people nuts anyway.
There are a few people(one posting here who shall remain namelessbarf) with whom I exercise my self censorship of sorts and ignore everything he writes.
Isn't it great to be able ignore those having nothing redeeming to write without having censorship forced upon us.applause
Some would be well suited to live in a tiny house, very well suited. very tiny yawn
There is no censorship in CS, there are rules that should be obeyed, that are in place to stop the bickering. If some hadn't posted over the top BS then these rules would not have required being enforced strongly.
If you don't like the rules you are free to leavecomfort
No one is forcing you to postwine
You with skills..) please post purple Barney to acknowledge my Feng schwahh...
You without any skills...Thanx for taking the time to be redundant, boring & redundun...t.uh oh
Yes Oh great one with granite for gray matter you go on praising your spiritual leaders for you know not what you do.rolling on the floor laughing
You shouldn't speak that way to Ding Dong.!scold
Embedded image from another site
tiny housetongue
Thank you D C unit...wink

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