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Haters of God

There are many who hate God and who don,t believe in Him.
Hating God is because the sin and devil makes you to do so.
Honouring not God it posses you with demons.
God is love and is Good but devil is evil and gives hate and desire to hate God and to do bad.
God gives life to man it include love.So if man hate God, devil can do to man to hate woman and children
and man himself, so devil do whatever against love, he is all evil powerful,he fight against God and against
men and against all who don,t serve him or who are against him.
There are Good thoughts and there are evil thoughts that comes in man.
Good thoughts are from God and evil thoughts are from devil.
So beware from devil that have power to destroy you.
If you believe and obey truth of God, God will save you and is with you to protect you from devil and to free you from him.
So God is righteous and do good but devil do evil and is unrighteous.
Man need to love God with all heart.., and love his neighbours as himself.
There where is no love-there is hate and the evil and the sin.
There where is no peace-there is devil.
So hating God will open door of sin and destruction to you.
So don,t be stupid doing so,it only hurt you..!
who make you stupid? is devil who make you stupid and deceive you and mislead you and all evils he do.
So hate makes man sick but love heals man.
There is no solution without God.Whatever you think or you do without God is only that hurts you and is no solution. With God is solution for any thing.
God has create you,therefore you belong to God and God loves you.
you don,t belong to devil, he has not create you, he will go soon to hell and suffer all his evil that has done!
He is the real enemy.
So awake and believe and obey God and everything will be good when time comes.
God bless.
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