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dead from 19

i cannot believe the stupidity of the human race!!!!! why are people still able to travel from country too country for no good reason at this time, people holidaying around the planet????? youtube trivia makers still appear to be roaming the globe somehow. making content that matters ZERO other than them being in the spotlight for 10 minutes of fame. world leaders need to shut the economic shit show down RIGHT NOW. this thing is mutating and cannot be controlled yet> Japan is in the latest news . a country with lots of obedient citizens and a true wanting for pushing forward(dont know about their millenials attitude) 55% of their country affected somehow. The world leaders need to wake the f*ck up now !!!! it is already nearly to late. we are killing the planet and the planet is fighting back!!!!! we are a guest at mother natures will . Mothefr nature is fighting the human race because it f*ckED UP. we have no respect for eachohter or the dirt we walk on , DOOMED!!!! Thats my 2cents worth and who cares ?????? NOBODY!!!!!professor

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millenials are a different breed of people , whose only care is selfishness ,they do not respect others nor do they appreciate what others have done to improve life
No respect for history!!! This covid thing as I understand does not like the heat . new borders could be made around the planet . 2 only, the tropic of Capricorn and the Tropic of Cancer??????
Sadly, heat seems to have no effect on the virus, as the Philippines, for example, has enforced strong quarantines even wit the average temp being 26-7 degrees, but the infection rate remains high.
Other tropical places are the same.
It really all comes down to individuals taking responsibility and keeping away from others as much as possible.
As for travel, there is not the need to travel for holidays ut some still need to travel to return to loved ones or their homes abroad. Given that the vaccine should be available soon and better isolation/testing done at airports etc, then I believe travel can restart soon, but with provisos in place.
They simply don't believe it could happen to them. But pretty soon everybody will know someone who has caught the plague and/or died from it. "Degrees of Separation." Too late, too bad.
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